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Mark 12 : 34
” When Jesus saw that he had answered wisely,
he said to them,  ” YOU ARE NOT FAR FROM THE

How did the man answer ?
1. To LOVE THE LORD….with all your HEART
( personal , wholehearted, committed relationship to JESUS)
2. with all your UNDERSTANDING
( thot capacity )
3. with all your STRENGTH
( bodily power )
4.  to love your NEIGHBOR as yourself
( neighbor = one who is near by )

Who is ” near by us” today ?
That is who God has called me to ~ today….

is MORE important than all burnt offerings
is MORE important than all sacrifices


Becky Carter moved closer, nearer to
Disney World / Kingdom….. nearer…..not “IN ”
” IN ” she would of had to wear the BIG EARS…
go to parades,  act like DISNEY …completely….

NEARER…… vs.   IN the KINGDOM ????…..

Thy Kingdom come…..Thy will be done
ON EARTH as it is IN  Heaven…. The KINGDOM ….

Mark 10: 15
” I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive
the KINGDOM OF GOD like a child will never
enter in.”

never there = “by no means”….
Will be excluded from future blessings especially
eternal life.

Have we received our salvation….
but not the KINGDOM…… ( just askin’ )

Kingdom =  How God operates, who HE is …
who HE is in us, what He can do….
all His power, attributes…etc. ?

How we can LOVE in HIM , by HIM, for HIM…
beyond our own abilities……

Do we just want in Heaven for eternity
but not to live as Christ on earth ?
God’s Kingdom =  can not be earned
can not be achieved
It must be ” RECEIVED” ……
It must be ” RECEIVED” …..

We love JESUS –  all our heart
all our thot capacity
all our bodily power
We love those nearby us ~ our neighbor, all of God’s
those near our hearts….

We naturally love ourselves, but it should be
directed in that same intensity to OTHERS…..

10: 16 =  ” and HE took the children in His arms
put His hands on them and blessed them. ”

Blessings from JESUS HIMSELF….
My part/  His part
My part = LOVE
His part =  Bless
My part =  receive the blessing

We love HIM , because HE first LOVED US…
and so it continues, continues, continues…
the circle of SPIRITUAL LOVE, in the name of JESUS.

Receive eternal salvation…..
Receive the KINGDOM OF GOD…..
( The Batteries are included with the gift ! )

Have you ever gotten a gift that had the batteries
included and PITCHED the batteries ?
Did we think, ” no I would rather just watch it sit”
until Heaven……… !
The power to live on earth, the power to…….
The power that comes with our salvation ?
Receive it….

Mark 10: 15
” I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive
the KINGDOM OF GOD like a child will never
enter in.”

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