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Growing up going to Grace Baptist Church….
I was never around….the ” Bishop “….Title – Calling !
So, it still is “different” to me….

Going to New Life Church International…for the last
8 yrs….seeing Pastor Darnell Williams   – now –
Bishop Darnell Williams….and when he came back
He scripturaly went into detail of the calling…. it stuck.

At the Men’s Meeting…they kept calling Benson,
Bishop, Bishop, Bishop…but it was with a
” brother jab kind of a thing, and yet a serious…
serious…looking to Benson for their spiritual leader
on earth “….
I asked Benson that nite…” did you hear that ? ”
” Did you sense how they are looking to you ? ”
7 churches…in Mtn. areas with no leadership…
Churches, Pastors that are HUNGRY…for someone
who is in a place to ” PULL THEIR MINISTRY to
where God alone is taking them…”  true spiritual
leadership…. it was a ” calling that was a cry of their heart”

So,  FB …Bishop Darnell Williams….smile…and he
said, he would train, teach, walk beside Benson through
this process, training,  what ever !  *  thank YOU !

But the calling was in that Men’s Meeting…
The need is NOW…the time…is NOW….

A Bishop – short answer –  ” An Overseer of Churches ”
” An Overseer of Pastors”
”  An Overseer of His Flock ”

1 Tim. 3: 11    ( you do the math , smile )
Acts. 20: 28
” Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of
which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers.  Be
shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with
His own blood.”

And so we jumped in the deep water off the high dive today !
( the way I like to get wet anyways )  smile…

Picture a HUGE GRAIN truck, the kind with HIGH SIDES….
That you would cover with a tarp…. pulling up to our land…
FULL , FULL, FULL of standing people coming from
MOUNT ELGON !  ( remember where the war was the 1st yr. ? )
FULL…. They called Benson…. ( there are too many of us )   smile
Benson ordered a LURY to BRING them …BRING them…BRING THEM.

Benson , ” Mum, look outside”   ( overwhelmed )
” there are two more vehicles coming ”
I tell you, you could imagine them crossing the parted waters…
you could imagine them ENTERING HEAVEN.
Benson in faith….built a whole NEW CHURCH building , before I
got here… you got it BIG ENOUGH  to house…

OVER 200 people….. dressed up for like a wedding…
BUT , a Covenant between Dorcas, Benson and the LORD.

It literally was like a wedding….. Dorcas in white, Benson in his suit
Flowers….the cement floor dried from yesterday !  smile.
Pastors Testimonies of how Benson is a MAN OF GOD
Dorcas Testimony of how HER HUSBAND is a MAN OF GOD
Oath taken,  Document signed by Pastors

Communion Taken   (” Mum, tell them you are not really serving
them real blood….”   * red juice from Gigamart )

And now I present to YOU….the flock that JESUS CHRIST has chosen
for Pastor Benson Simiyu and his wife Dorcas to spiritually lead :

and the crowd went wild …… OH MY !

The 1st thing Benson did, was lead them in WORSHIP………..
Worshiping….the ONE, JESUS CHRIST…
” which He bought with His own blood ”

Benson, ” Mum, it was more than I expected …it was
so spiritual, so spiritual.  I expected it to be “good”
but I did not expect what it was. I am so blessed. ”

Can’t thank you enough for your prayers for wisdom..
To follow Jesus Christ alone…and to Him alone , alone
” in spite of ourselves…be all the glory to HIM ! ”


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What an awesome post I love it what an amazing development Pastor Janelle. I miss you and can’t wait to get coffee.

Amazing. Praise God. Your ministry in Africa has certainly opened my eyes, and expanded the box I had put God in…and I thank you again for being obedient and answering his call to go. Will continue to pray for you. Love you!

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