!! Building of HIS ARMY……..


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To  sleep at  4:00 a.m.  ( are you kidding me ? )
Guess what I am wrestling with this year ?  lol

3 Leadership Meetings….held in the Hospital…as
They increased the NEW CHURCH BUILDING
8 ft wider and about  16 feet longer !
All METAL…..using branches to clean the floor….
a “tripod” limb ladder….. AMAZING !

Around 60 Leaders came……
Does that mean it was all Pastors, Elders ?????
No young men, women, the drunk guy that got saved….
Pastors from the Mountains where there are NO ROADS…
The young Pastor guys, dressed to the ” nines with shades on “…
From the area my 1st year, the ” WAR Relief tents were ”
” Endebess ” …..
Pastors that would almost cry at the reading of His Word…
Young ladies that would kneel on the floor to worship JESUS….

To walking back down at night…..
” can we have more at 9:00 , then we will sleep ? ”
Hungry for the Word ?
” do you have copies ? ”  yeah right…..lol
To sitting here at 11:00 p.m. something
Under the moquito net….and hearing
the worship continuing……..

The Question of the Day  ” do you LOVE JESUS”
The Challenge of the Day –  ” worry about One thing…
having the deepest love, the greatest Passion for JESUS”

Will satisfy.

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