Can You Imagine ?


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Can you imagine……cooking on the floor literally ?
Getting your plates from the floor…..
No running water…carrying all your bath water, cooking water, dish water….
Heating all those up by fire ?

Your entire house being approx.   10 x 20 for the 4 of you ?
And your genuine outlook of it all….seriously….
Is that the LORD GOD has blessed you abundantly ?
And seriously never complaining about it one time ?

This is who God has graciously allowed me to serve Him with in Kenya.
Dorcas and Pastor Benson Simiyu.

Today they get to move into a house that has  3 bedrooms…
An office to study God’s Word….
A Kitchen, with a counter top…a sink…a open chimney to build a fire and cook from..
off the ground !  A counter just for a gas propelled stove w/ 2 burners…..
A Bathroom with running water ( coming ) !
A shower (coming )  Hot water ( coming )
Electricity ( coming )
A dining room …where they put a recepticle just for the refrigerator !
” Mum,  everyone puts their refrigerator in their dining room “….
?????  Why ?
” so that others see that they have one ! ”  smile….
A living room that is like  24 x 24….literally ..
So they can have gatherings with the family of God…..and they will !
an attached room, they call their garage ~  for their motorcycle, so it won’t get stolen..
for food that people will bring as an offering unto the Lord – A STOREHOUSE…
so we can feed the widows and their families !

TODAY….TODAY…..” we are switching, mum ”
They are ” switching”….smile….
” It is a palace”  and their smile is so genuine, so big, so unable to wipe off the joy…

I tell them over and over…GOD SEES THEIR HEART FOR HIM…GOD SEES IT…
God is blessing them for having such a grateful heart for what they had…
God is blessing them for continually living – just for HIM…
Their thots are for HIM
Their time is for HIM
Their discussions, seriously…is always about HIM…amazing !

” Mum, I have tried to call you for 3 days… is GABE…what did the Dr. say”
Never do they call , without asking…” how is Rock, how is Gabe and Marla, how is Tug and Angie,
and the 6 grandkids, how are they , Mum ? ”  and they wait for each response……
” how are the supporters , mum…”  ( and each call he asks of different ones )
Some that I give him different requests each week…..

Their hearts for others before themselves…is real !
” We went back and took clothes , food and shillings to the woman who was getting evicted.”
” With the money you send us Mum,  we feed…Charlies family, Moses’ family, the robbers families…
that work on the house.”    ( the money is to support just Benson and his family )  smile.

God sees their hearts….their pure motives to live for JESUS CHRIST alone….

Today….they are ” switching”  …..
In 6 hours they will lay their heads on their mattress’ with no pillow…
In their ” palace”  ….

I would love to be there and listen to them pray as they do
every night together in their bed.
God , oh God…..OH GOD,  thank YOU…. we are so grateful for YOUR
provision for your servants of God….this humble couple in Liyavo, Kenya.
Let them pray to You tonite……
Let them just absorb how pleased YOU are with their “hearts after YOU alone”

God , bless the ones who gave to get them there…
bless the robbers – Charlie, Moses, Nga Nga, Joseph Minai, Stephen, Justus
Ezekial, Andrew….Who have worked by hand to construct it.
bless –  Felista and Lilian for cooking for them

May more get saved on that porch…
May more grow in the Lord, from those “sofas”….
May the ” blue roof house”….be the land mark for those to walk and hear YOUR WORD….
Oh God , keep us hungry after YOU, after the LOST and Wounded….
Thank YOU,  ” Thou be glorified, oh Mighty King of Glory “…..amen.

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