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In preparing for tonight – Rom. 14

The people we live with in our “family…..of God”
    * different levels of maturity spiritually?
    * the colors of their attitudes on certain things in life?
    * what they do vs. what I do in my Christian walk on earth…..

Do we think that GOD has given us the ” ministry” of changing them ?

Them of course, being the weaker…
& I , of course…being the stronger Christian…..

Who did JESUS CHRIST …die for __________________

If I make myself their spiritual Judge
   Then I am thinking that I –
    get to use HIS….. ” capital  ~ J ”
   in Judge…..

seriously….me included here !
   My name – Janelle begins with a capital ” J” …
   My name – judge of others….. does ~ NOT….

HE is  The Judge.    on earth, in heaven – period.

In Rom. 14 –  It speaks of a literal master of a person…
   that they are the only one that can judge THEIR servant.
All of us Christians are “servants of GOD…servants of Christ”
 ( we take GREAT lengths of pride in saying that
         = servants of CHRIST)
so we shoudl take GREAT lengths in letting ….
 GOD BE THE MASTER over the people in our lives ? 
   Ya THINK ?

vs. 5 – 8 speaks of spending more time KNOWING what 
 we believe for our own lives….
 which equals =
” spending less time thinking what the other should KNOW…
  or how can I make him/her see it more clearly,
  obviously he/she needs help from me in this area

Or if they do not believe my way is better,
then I will take myself farther away…
Rom. 14 says that we are to draw near in
  the 2 ” E’s” = Edifying
                            Encouraging  THEM !

We will stand individually in front of GOD..vs. 9-12…
 God wants to be real clear that WE KNOW, that date is set…
  Judgement Seat of CHRIST….. set….
   Date nite with JESUS…… me & Him ~ alone…

Put ourselves there…..
   Will we spend our time saying…” let me tell you about ________”
   You put them in my life  on earth and I observed all that they had
                issues with…let me tell you, first hand….” 

What will we actually, literally be doing at the Judgement Seat of CHRIST ?
  yep,  our own lives alone….
  Rewards ~ of how we lived in what HE died for us to be…. to others
  Losses ~ in eternity….for how we took  ” His ” J.”  of  Judge….

Who is the person, I….you…. spend our time thinking…
   ” if only they would act this way, I could have a deeper relationship with”

Jesus looked at that person……and died……

  Not much deeper of a relationship than that….
    and we lessen the time with them ?   ouch.

God I pray in the name of JESUS, 
I would die as You did to self….
Die to thinking I am so right…die to spending time in Your Word…
and others come to mind, instead of myself and ALL of my own shortcomings.
   Empower me to love as you have loved those who YOU
    have put in my life, my family, my path on earth…

It is only on earth…that we will answer for….

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