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John 2 : 7
” Jesus said to the servants, ” Fill the jars with water”;

A.  they were true servants
B.  they were listening and waiting for JESUS to tell them
what to do.
C.  He told them exact what to do with what:  jars / water.

7 b.  ” so they filled them to the brim ”

A. they did not hold back
B. they were not scared to carry it filled to the brim

8.  Then He told them, ” now draw some out and take it to the
master of the banquet”

A.  take some back out…..He told them EXACTLY….how much
B.  Others would be involved, not just them…..
C.  He directed them to the “other”  ( who is your other that
God is directing you to for HIS miracle, Him to be seen ? )

8b.   ” THEY DID SO “…………..is that not enough said ?

9.  ” and the master of the banquet TASTED the WATER
that HAD BEEN turned into wine.

A.  the miracle had happened in the process
drew the water, took some out, carried,  WINE.
B.  There is a process happening in your life, right now.
Drawing the water ?
Taking some out ?
Carrying ?
Other involved to taste HIS MIRACLE ?

Amazing…..the process……
Did they sit and just look at the water ?
Did they complain about the carrying ?
Did they hesitate on who or where they were taken ?


God, let me hear your instructions
God, tell me who to take YOUR MIRACLE TO.
God, thank YOU , for even including me in YOUR PROCESS…
God, I anticipate me hauling just water…..
and YOU turning it into the miraculous…..of JESUS !
God, I pray for who is reading this, for their process of
taking the ” work of JESUS ” ……. to their other….

YOU are the same, yesterday, today and FOREVER…
no decrease in the spiritual strength of Your instruction…
no decrease in the miracle of water to wine…..
no decrease in the calling….no decrease…
Help us oh God, to carry our jar……may we
may we, may we, may I …..”  THEY DID SO ……”
in the NAME…….of JESUS ! 

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