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I have asked many Pastors, some “big ones” ….etc.
 Who ever God laid on my mind to give a book for me
to take to Benson…to increase his spiritual library.

Pastor Peter Doseck hand picked several books from his library.
They are signed by the author, etc.
That stopped me….. they are amazing books !

I had to go to the Dr. and so I grabbed one of Benson’s books to read.
” The Price of God’s Miracle – Working Power”
I can not put it down….it is about this man that wanted to have a
truly deeper ministry…to be able to live as JESUS lived on earth.

John 9 : 4  has stuck with me:
” I Must work the works of him that sent me.”
Luke 10: 19
  ” Behold, I give unto you power over all the power of the enemy ”

The blood of JESUS…. how seriously do we take what it has given us ?
Eternal Salvation – definate
Power over satan – definate

Which do we automatically live in ?

Why are our lives hindered to live in the truth of what HE PAID
such a price for us to have ?
What is in our lives that hinders us ?

The why couldn’t we JESUS… question ?

Mark 10: 21
   ” One thing you lack.”  Then Jesus put His finger on
 the young man’s pet sin and instructed him on how to
get rid of it.”
* the sin you do not want the preacher to preach about
* the sin you are always ready to defend – make excuses
* the one you prefer to do when no one is looking
*the sin that easily holds you captive
* the sin that causes doubt, remorse
* the sin that you are most unwilling to give up
* the sin you think is so small God won’t see it

“Self denial -some think they are denying self…when actually
their self denial is only for selfish ends. ”

“Pride , important, independant spirit, stiffness
   Love of praise, love of being noticed, love of authority,
Love of drawing attention to yourself as in conversation
  Arguing, stubborn, unteachable, self will, headstrong
driving, commanding , criticizing,
speaking faults, failures of others of those who are less talented than you
lustfulness, unholy actions,
dishonest, deceitful, covering the truth
leaving a better impression of yourself, exaggerating
selfishness, love of money, love of ease and laziness
spiritual deadness
lack of concern for souls

This was his list of a “carnal person” – ouch ? !

” If you long for God’s power, get on your knees and let Him
talk to you…make a list of your own… God will show you
things in your life that need to be changed.”

2 Cor. 12:9
   ” My grace is sufficient for thee.”

This was written in the 1950’s…..
 Why does it hit so close to home in 2010 ?

I want to go to Matisi, in HIS POWER…
I am asking HIM…to convict me…with His grace + mercy.

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