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A young young boy’s Mother left for Nairobi….she left to
work and make money. He was left to live with his Grandmother.
The young boy was left to go to the theater with old people.
It was in the theater that they watched pornography. This happened
many times over.
This little boy was in our school. The boy raped a smaller girl.
Before the Teachers had any idea this was going on.
The boy raped another small girl within the next 2 weeks.
They went to the home and found the parents were not there. The
Grandmother was alone to raise the child. The Mother was called
back home, ” my son could not do this ” ( Benson was telling this
to the people this year….he then quoted, ” Train up a child in
the way that he should go and when they are old they will not depart
from it.” )
That little boy was being trained….for it was what the older
people were showing him. He began to think that is what you do…
that is what is norm….he was enticed to explore. What was
he seeing, what was he hearing, what was he learning. Who he
was with, is where he learned….it for the first time.
He did what he seen, he heard, he did what he learned.
Benson told this after a day of teaching, we ended up with
” every thief has a parent “…..we were teaching out of
Gen. 18:19
” Direct his children and his household after him to
How are we making a decisive decision to keep our children/
grandchildren in the way of the Lord.” Think of this little boy
going with the older people….as a norm …. think ,
think of the 2 little ,little girls that was
violated by the boys “way” .
What do our children think is ” norm ” …..
Is it the way of the Lord?

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