Covered by the earth……


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“ 6 ft. under “ …….

If you would place yourself at a cemetery….
What do you associate with what is 6 ft ~ under ?

DEATH is covered literally by the EARTH …
DEATH is covered literally by the EARTH…

God brought to my attention…..
When I am “covered” by the earth,
the things in or of the earth…
There will be DEATH

death of hope
death of passion
death of love, compassion, engaging…..

* think of what is going on in your life…
has it come in, “from the earth/world “
has it come straight from our LORD JESUS CHRIST ?

Things of the earth that I am thinking of
are not “ earthly possessions “….
for those things do not mean “jack” to me.

But I am talking about the things that are
going on in the earth –
It can be on the news, the nation…whatever…
But open your front door, back door, side door…
What has COME IN….to your life , on this earth.
From the earth/ in and by the worlds standards ?

It can mean what is going on inside your mind, your soul…
That consumes your thoughts, your emotions…..
Paralyzing you, holding your life ransom…..
Imprisoned by the EARTH, what is going on ,
on earth
in our lives…..we are “covered by it “

John 10:10
“ satan comes to steal KILL and destroy”
(death on earth before the grave)
but I have come that you might have LIFE…
and have it more abundantly.”

But when, we are “COVERED” by the blood of JESUS CHRIST ?

Heb. 9:12
“ He did not enter by means of the blood of goats
and calves;
but He entered the MOST HOLY PLACE
once and for all by HIS OWN BLOOD
having obtained eternal redemption.”

in the MOST HOLY PLACE is the deepest LIFE
in the MOST HOLY PLACE there is spiritual LIFE
in the MOST HOLY PLACE is REALITY of where we
get to live on earth….HIS PRESENCE….

HIS OWN LITERAL blood…..shed….
BROUGHT US ~ LIFE….it is what covers us today…
forever we are covered by HIS OWN BLOOD….

The earth does NOT COVER US….
HIS OWN BLOOD covers us @ the point of salvation
unto ETERNITY…in The Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST.

I am covered by HIS OWN BLOOD.
and in that, there is LIFE ETERNAL
in that, there is LIFE overpowering the earth…
and the things that come into our lives on this earth.

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Amen! Covered by his blood is only way in this life!

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