” cutting the cord “


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I know you probably think this is going to be some…
  ” how to give your adult kids their own independance”
 ” how to disengage from your child’s life, to let them be their own person” ……

  ” or some analogy of how God let’s us make our own decisions”

Well, I did read in Samuel today…..smile…
     Where Saul chose NOT to destroy everything and only “half” obey GOD…
      and it even “looked good, like he was going to offer it unto GOD”
       but…even in serving GOD – it was the WRONG AGENDA…
       God let Saul make that decision = wrong decision Saul !
It was what HE/Saul decided what GOD wanted him to do…
It was not what GOD told him to do….
  ” half obedience…is not full obedience”  ( concept, I know )

Oh yeah…. ” cutting the cord”

  decision for the evening…. with Janelle…..
     a. stay home and ponder….laundry, weed, trim…what ever.
    b. go to cabin – mow, weed, trim…what ever….
    c. go down to Dad’s – trim bushes, hang a flag, trim, weed, hoe, what ever….

c. – go down to Dad’s – trim bushes, hang a flag, trim, weed, hoe…

” cut the cord of his good extension cord….with the electric trimmer ”

Yep…how to be 52 yrs. old and feel like you are 10 yrs. old in front of your Dad…..

Dad : ” Mary , who ever did that once, except she did right on target…it was a 50′
             cord and it became two 25′ cords.”     lol

3/4 of the way done….. atleast we got the major shrubs cut, before the teeth stopped.

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Oops. I’m reading in 1 Samuel right now too. So far the only thing Saul has done wrong is hide in the baggage when Samuel was trying to crown him king. 🙂

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