~~ Day off Monday !


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Thank you for your prayers – FIRST !

Just laid in bed a bit and thanked the LORD for what
it felt like to REST !

Benson, Dorcas and I then sat forever and talked of
Ministry……things done, to do…JESUS ….love it !

They deconstructed the mud wall church….on our land
I came to a 1/2 constructed church…” what ? ”  smile…
The water level is so high where we are under the ground..
that the logs rot – so …and the number of people…
We outgrew the old one…so  ” tear it down Sammy ”
One person here, gave 10 Iron Sheets…..we used
the old roof…for walls…and today ” WE ”  gave the rest
to finish for the ministry = THANK YOU !
Dorcas is getting her hair done by Brenda…it is fun..
to sit in my room and listen to their JOY….
Usually we go to town on Monday –  we gave ” options”
as Rock and I do on many things…. she chose to get
her hair done…..( as you look so tired, Mum )
she always thinks of others…..
Benson is running to town…. ( chicken like his head
cut off )  picking me up some ” hedge shears ” so I can
have some FUN,  trimming over grown hedges….
and to pick up other needs….

Spiritual prep for the Leaders Meeting..for tomorrow.

Martine ran to town to get ” hook ups ” for the wiring on
sound so they don’t have to handle ” naked wires ” and spend
20 minutes twisting wires,  using a splinter to make one hold
tight…. for 8 years I have watched this every year…. smile….
” Welcome to Kenya “…..

Pray YOUR day is as filled as mine…..so so so appreciate
everyone of you that truly joins me in His Mission here
in Kenya…. can not TELL YOU, how much !

Thanx Chel Brockert for taking ROCK food today…
please don’t forget to pray for him….some years are
different for him …..with me here….he is good !


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Praise The Lord for rest! 🙂 sometimes it’s the little things like doing hair that are the special memories. 🙂 will continue to pray, for you and Rock. 🙂 love ya.

What an encouraging post! Praying for Kenya! And for Rock! xoxo

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