~~ ” Day Off “


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Out of the house by  8:30
Heading west – 26 klm or 16 miles to :
The road there is going the way we always go
to the Crusades…. some of our churches are
WAY out at the foot of Mt. Elgon, so it was neat to see.

16 miles took us  45  minutes…..lol
rocks, mud, potholes…rocks…. mud….etc.

We get there~ hire a guide …Which the park chic..
hiked it 1,000 shillings  $11.76   ( but here …it just is )
The Rain Forest….
The clean air…
The guide took us up a hike….slimy , slippery
African mud….in flip flops !  * really Janelle?

We got to a cave……( biggest in Africa ! )
Where the Elephants come in at nite and lick
the side of the rock walls….
Where Bats were screeching on the ceiling..
Where Buffalo poop was the norm…
Where you can walk all the way through to the
other side….
Benson, ” I could only think, what if one elephant
was still left and all we had was a torch ? ”
We left it for later !

Little Rock is adventurous…. slippery rocks, etc.
Gloria was just beaming….

We stop again….start to hike,
Baroo…our driver got me his mud boots !
We hiked up to a Water Fall Cave !
THE POWER was incredible…..

Up to a panoramic view of the complete valley
Thatched huts….dotted the hillside !
Sitting on the bluff top…. where a preacher …
Was ran out of his village….
Jumped to end his life….landed on a tree, lived..
Cont. on.
Turn the corner, the BIGGEST muscular GIRAFFE…
of colors I have never seen on a giraffe !  ( Marla )
To see Benson, Dorcas…laugh and beam,
“You would think that this is not real, but a picture ”

She was speaking in Swahili to Benson….
I chimed up :  You want to go to Alacara if we get back ?
( their LaChareada )
They laughed,
“Mum, Dorcas just said, a day like this should not end
in cooking “….. and so we did.

Again,  the vehicle…..was a blessing …..
and we stopped
and thanked the LORD for HIS CREATION !

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So glad you could have time to take in God’s lovely creation. You definitely deserve some down time. Enjoy!:)

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