Deal me …… ” IN ” – $ 6,400.00 to go !


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It is not a – card game…..though many of you like to play cards…smile….
   It is just a ~ TAD ~ bit more intense…..
       A little bit  ~ more on the line……

 I just sealed my last –  ” Africa 2010 ”  – support letter….
    Then I thot of Gabe’s – Where Technology Meets Eternity …slogan.
Thot I would put it out here :
     I need to raise   $ 7,000.00 in the next month
                                         to purchase  5 ACRES of land

Matisi , Kenya / Africa:    

 1.  To expand an orphanage where children are turned away
  2. To build a medical clinic – so women do not have to be BEATEN in child birth
  3.  To build ” Agape Word of God ” a church building – started last Oct. 
                            now they are in a small , small room in a home with 28 people.
  4.  To build JOY ACADEMY – a school building with desks, chairs, books, etc.
  5.  To build Pastor Benson & Dorcas a home…with more than a 9 x14 room.
  6.  To have a garden to feed the children, graze the cattle…have a playground

The owner of the land has held it since last OCTOBER…and now…says it is TIME….
     Rom. 3: 3 &4
” What if some did not have faith?  Will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness?
4.  Not at all,  LET GOD BE TRUE, and every man a liar.”

LET GOD BE TRUE……. LET GOD BE GOD….. and live in anticipation of just that….

If you would like to give online :     paypal

If you would like a letter sent , with info, etc…. Just email me your address:  

Walking in the Spirit, walking in His Kingdom, walking in FAITH….
so much to experience in HIM alone.

THANX, seriously !

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Anxious to see God continue to work through you and those that team up with you. Exciting stuff!

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