Did HE ask that ?


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Jeremiah 19: 5
” They have buitlthe high places  of Baal to burn their sons
in the fire as offerings to Baal –  something
nor did it ENTER MY MIND……”

Granted that is harsh
Granted that is something we would never do….

on the other hand…….

What are we doing in our own lives right now :

a.  That does not go to our Living God ~ our Savior JESUS CHRIST
b.  What are we doing that God did not ~ “ask us to do”
c.  He never even mentioned it
d.  It would never even enter HIS MIND….

Yet we are offering it…
Yet we are taking our lives and pouring ourselves into it……
Yet we put it as our soul consumption….

We have put it as a priority in our lives……

And it is truly not from HIM
And it is truly not to HIM

Their sons, burnt on an alter to a non living god

They were precious to them….
and they placed them in the wrong place
for the wrong reason…..

our own children :  where are we placing them
who are we giving them to ?

What is precious to us ~
Where is the focus of its purpose
IF burnt as an offering …would it be sweet smelling to God Himself….

or would His Holy mind say :

”  I did not command that
I did not even mention that to him/or her..
It never even entered my mind….”

I pray today God….
that what I do is from YOU,  is offered to YOU,
You were the One who mentioned it to me…
and it was conceived in YOUR HOLY MIND….

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