Do you have FREEDOM ?


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Right where you are at…..
This chapter in your life….
Your home, family, relationships…
Your work, your lifestyle…..


Reading ~ ( I like to read until God speaks
something heavy, that sits…then I stop…
not adding any more, but digesting what HE
is speaking )

Jeremiah 34:9
” Everyone was to free his Hebrew slaves,
both male and female; no one was to hold
a fellow Jew in bondage.”
vs. 10 They AGREED to free the slaves…
vs. 11 ” But afterward THEY CHANGED THEIR
MINDS and TOOK BACK the slaves they had freed
and enslaved them AGAIN.”

A. What ever God tells us to do, in the
spiritual is WHERE OUR FREEDOM lies.
If HE tells us to ” do something “…
Think of HIS WORD speaking to you
Think of The Holy Spirit telling you
Think of your life aligning with God’s

HE told them to FREE ….both male and female..

” Where the Spirit of the LORD is ,
there is FREEDOM ”

What ever He tells us to do…
free the slaves, male and female….
The person freeing and for the slaves…

Our choices effect both sides…all sides.

** where I am at – doesn’t give me
freedom….only HE gives me freedom.

Paul had freedom in a jail cell…
Young Mom’s with kids at home… have freedom
Elderly people not able to do all they use to…
and are in prison in their own bodies, have freedom

In Him, we are FREE INDEED….

So, JESUS gives us FREEDOM today, in the
chapter of our lives that we each are in.

He told them what to do….
and in so doing it…
THERE WAS FREEDOM for all those involved..

The slaves were FREED
and in carrying out OBEDIENCE…
they had FREEDOM between GOD and themselves.

and that is where our PEACE will be….
WE know it in our spirit and soul….
If we have genuine FREEDOM…

We can be:
a. the ones being set free
b. the ones freeing others,
through forgiveness, love, caring

We KNOW what God wants us to do….
Each circumstance we are either
freeing or binding
either having freedom or being bound

Then as in these verses :
” are we REALLY going to
as they did…

and put the shackles on ourselves and sit
and sour and wonder why we are so dismayed
with our lives ?

FREEDOM is and has been given to us DAILY…

vs. 15. Talks of a covenant made in front of the
LORD…but then it says, “YOU TURNED AROUND ”

Aren’t we getting tired of TURNING AROUND…
FREEDOM in our hearts – then turn around
FREEDOM in our minds – then turn around…

He is the PRINCE OF PEACE…..
If we don’t have PEACE….
then I have to ask myself


2017 – Quit turning around again and again…
Walk in the way of

Quit turning to the right or the left…
HE orders our steps…
in THOSE STEPS is our genuine FREEDOM.

walk to HIM…walk with HIM,
Where the Spirit of the LORD is….
There is FREEDOM……

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