Don’t know what to do ?


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Incredible is the Word of God : 
   1 Sam. 6:12/13
          Then the cows went straight up toward tehe Beth Shemesh,
keeping on the road and lowing all the way; they did not turn to the right or to the left. 
The rulers of the Pilistines FOLLOWED them as far…..”

  In the cart of the cows was the Ark of the Covenant….the presence of God.

I have always loved the Ark of the Covenant….
how it just was so Holy, so God…
the reverence of the presence of GOD….

I always wished I coudl have a replica in my home..
just a reminder….in a very solumn way…
to keep, to keep the presence of GOD sacred….
in our lives…to desire it…to live in our homes.

The neat thing about this verse, 
these cows  vs. 7  were cows that had never driven a cart before…

Think of it, no experience at what they were doing….
and yet they were carrying the Ark of the Covenant..
the presence of GOD…

and the HOLY SPIRIT,  guided them…not letting them
go to the RIGHT or to the LEFT.  
What did they have…the presence of GOD ~ the Ark.

In our lives…. we are not Billy Grahams…
but what do we carry ?  what do we truly have in us…
The HOLY SPIRIT…..the presence of GOD, Himself.

Is the Holy Spirit a “less” of the Trinity ?
   What today do we need to know…”what to do, where to go?”

The men followed, the HUMAN GUIDANCE….followed
The human effort was not allowed to whip, beat, or put its’ agenda on it…
to show it was “of GOD”

may we  ~ “walk behind the cart….today”

we – the cows….that have no experience, no Theology degree,
         carrying something way beyond what we are, by the human
        eyes capable….

we won’t even let the little ones carry a glass to the table…
  but GOD is asking us today
  to do something that is so HOLY…so “of GOD”
  to carry HIS PRESENCE :
                  into your home, your children
                  into your work place, your office

” walk behind the cart today…and let GOD guide YOU”

guide me today GOD….
guide me….may YOUR presence be so in me…
I do not waiver to the right
I do not waiver to the left………..

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