……. Ever felt something was ~ ” dead ” ?


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Working with Dad, the whole situation, been here done this one before.
The things that your heart desires….has been either buried, or on the back burner.
And maybe even physically you just feel ~ ” dead ” to say / tired.
Maybe you are tired of trying….worn out……

I have talked to many lately……
John 10 : 10
Satan comes to steal KILL and DESTROY……..

If I could write the many attacks …..of people after people….
That feel tired of fighting
That feel tired of trying
That feel as if things spiritually, physically, emotionally are DEAD.

Myself included…..you have to pull from your boot straps to even..
Make it to the edge of the dirt….
You get there, then something steps on you and BAM…..back you go.

FOR JESUS CHRIST ?  Any of us,  in our own circumstance ?

Today :
Matt 28

The 2 Mary’s go to JESUS TOMB  =   a place of ” death “….
only to see GOD SHAKING THINGS UP =  a violent earthquake
An angel ” rolled back the stone and then ( I LOVE THIS )   – SAT ON IT….

Like oh yeah…that would be The Power of God…..
The defeat of satan – SAT ON.
Put that huge stone in front of what God wants to do ?   ” ROLL IT AWAY ”
and sit on it !

Who was guarding the ” death seen ”  fell down as if THEY WERE DEAD.
Satan …..don’t you get it……YOU CAN NOT WIN……even your demonic guards.
Send in your army to block us, defeat us…it only takes  JESUS…it only takes JESUS.

Then the angel  had to take the Mary’s to SEE w/ their own eyes..
Satan was defeated…..
Stone rolled away –  not enough
Lightening –  not enough
Angel –  not enough…

If we would stand before JESUS’ TOMB….w/ our own situation…
are we living as in the ” I know it , but I don’t believe it ? ”
What will it take for us to stand IN THE GLORY OF GOD
and live, LIVE, LIVE in who HE IS…..

How big is the ROCK that satan has in front of YOU ?
and He has rolled it away…right now, rolling it away….for you
to walk in victory…for you to walk in HIS POWER……

vs. 7  HE IS risen from the dead…
and is going – – – AHEAD OF YOU

In your situation…..He is going ahead of you…….
if we walk to where HE is going…
it says :  ” there YOU will see Him ”

But we have to walk to where HE IS…
We  know He defeated satan…….the stone is rolled…
But are we walking to where HE IS ….
Why would we want to stand where we are at……????
Comfortable there ?
Like that martyr attention
Won’t have to say…” JESUS YOU WIN,  I SUBMIT ”

Do we want to hang around the grave…..even if the stone is rolled ?
Do we want to “there you will see Him “…..there…..there.

 You won’t see him where you are at…..
You won’t see him in the circumstance in neutral…you have to move.

vs. 8   ”  they were afraid ….YET FILLED WITH JOY and RAN ”

We have no clue what it is , where we are going….
but if we KNOW,  YES, this is where JESUS IS…..I am running to HIM

vs. 9  ” Suddenly….. ( it only takes one split moment for all things to change )
( some say, oh it will take months,  I need to meet with you
maybe 4 more times, we need to work on… )

CRAP…..it takes the   “SUDDENLY JESUS MET THEM ”

if you truly let JESUS, JESUS CHRIST have complete, COMPLETE
presence with YOU…with your circumstance…..

( they clasped His feet and worshipped Him )

and then JESUS SAID – GO……

that is when the circumstance of ” feeling dead”
that is when the circumstance of ” death of something ”
LEFT…..IT LEFT…. bam….suddenly…

There they MET JESUS…..
The stone has been rolled, satan has already been defeated..
Run to JESUS, submit, fall to HIS FEET, grab His ankles…
Worship and let him ” say go, move into my greatness for you ”

Sit on your rock , it has been rolled away ! 

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