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Deut. 17: 19
” It is to be with him, he is to READ IT ALL THE DAYS  of his life so that he may learn to
REVERE THE LORD HIS GOD and FOLLOW CAREFULLY all the words of this law
and decrees.”

I love that this tells us to read His Word daily…and why.

My mind went to all the things we do ” daily” and we make sure we do them.

Check our Facebook
Check our Emails
Do the dishes
Take a shower, brush our teeth….

What we make our kids/ grandkids do daily…..and for what does those things teach us ?

I heard a Pastor speak on diligently seeking after God…
The favor and blessings on his life …from God seeing his heart since he was a young child.
Because his parents taught him…to ” seek God”  early in life.

He said he read a chapter of the Bible a day as long as he could remember.
He didn’t do it for the favor of God to be upon him.
He just did it….and the favor comes with seeking after God.

How he is not perfect, smart or anything…
But HE KNOWS , it is IN HIM….to seek after the LORD OUR GOD.
now, that he is older…it is truly a part of his life.

A new year has started with all the kids, their new school bags, shoes….etc.
A different grade, new level of learning…new teachers…new what ever….

What is their curriculum spiritually ?  What are our goals spiritually for them ?
Will we make sure they take time for the LORD ?
Will we make sure they learn how to diligently seek Him for themselves…
We make sure for our own selves, we go to Bible Studies, small groups for us…
But what about them…..

Galations 5: 19
” My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until

We will labor over their math, their science, their social studies….
I pray that we as parents and grandparents would LABOR over that
CHRIST JESUS is being formed in them…
Crying out for the next generation to love Him, seek HIM…and revere
that HE is our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY…worthy, worthy of us seeking HIM
worthy of us being conscious of our childs love to seek HIM first.

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