Father of our spirits and live


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God our Father…of our spirits……
We have flesh
We have our spirit

God is our Father of our spirit….
His DNA…..think of it…
What is in God’s DNA…..is in our spirit….

The Holy Spirit lives in us, in our spirit….. and so in that ~
is where we have true LIFE….
spiritual life is in our spirit.

It says to, ”  submit to the FATHER OF OUR SPIRIT and LIVE. ”
Hebrews 12 : 9
LIVE in that…LIVE from that…..stay in that ….
IF we live in and from our spirit/ spiritual
The flesh submits…because we submit to our FATHER OF OUR SPIRIT

It says, ” it will involve a rich harvest of righteousness and  peace ”
What are trials are, our disciplines are…..
are to train us to live in that fully.

If you were training someone in something….and they did not sit in it..
Listen, and get the full training….to be able to truly fly in what you are training them IN.

What is God training you today ?
His desire ~  for you to be able to ” FLY ” in that exact thing !
to stand in it…and have ~  PEACE
to stand in it…. and have and live in HIS SPIRIT…..

if we stand in it , in the flesh –  ZAPPED.
if we stand in it…ONLY IN THE SPIRIT…….

Next verse :
12. ” Therefore, STRENGTHEN your feeble arms adn weak knees. ”
13 .  ” Make level paths for you feet sot hat the lame may NOT BE DISABLED,

He encourages us to strengthen where we are weak..by renewing…
Which we know is the Word of GOD ~ renews our mind
The Holy Spirit ~  renews our strength….
Worshipping, praying….renews our relationship with GOD…..

Strengthen ourselves in HIM….He says if we do this…..we would not be
furthered disabled, but we would be healed…..

weaker Christians.

Our TESTIMONY…..that JESUS CHRIST is writing….
we renew, we strengthen in HIM ALONE
we walk in the SPIRIT
THEN we will be able to help others see HIM.

This is His desire….this is our desire…..to be healed so they ” will know that HE IS GOD “

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