~ ~ ~ Flesh – Emotions – Will + ” SPIRIT “


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Reading 2 Samuel 13
“Amnon and Tamar”……
vs. 2 Amnon became FRUSTRATED to the point of illness
on account of his sister Tamar, for she was a virgin, andy it
seemed impossible for him to do anything to her.”

vs. 4 ” he asked Amnon, ” why do you, the KING’S SON,
LOOK HAGGARD morning after morning…..”

a. Frustrated to the point of illness – the depth
of how our emotions and flesh can impact our health !

b. Letting something, someone….bother us to the depth
of illness ?

c. We…We are “The King’s child ” and should be living
our lives FULL of LIFE, full of JOY, full of all that we
HAVE …”WITH” JESUS CHRIST ? Shouldn’t we ?

d. But we let our flesh, our emotions , our own will….
take over…take over to the point of “destruction”

The training of our own lives…
The training of our CHILDREN’s lives….
to learn seriously…” HOW TO WALK ~ IN THE SPIRIT ”

What would happen if we truly “owned that we can ”
That we train our minds to be renewed and live in
the POWER OF THE SPIRIT within our spirit ?

Listening, locking arms with HIS SPIRIT and
LIVING from that daily…..

a. What would happen to the influence of the WORLD
if OUR KIDS….learned that at the front of their faith ?
if OUR KIDS….were taught HOW TO DO THAT..to the point
of seeing them….
How do I hear the HOLY SPIRIT
How do I discern the HOLY SPIRIT
How do I obey over my flesh, my soul, mind, will , emotions ?
How do I ” walk in the Spirit ” in 2015 ?

That over powers the influence of the world….
it trumps….
God knew the power of our flesh and soul….
2 Samuel 13 is evidence

Body – Soul – Spirit…..it will influence our own peace

Which we walk in today
It causes DEATH or LIFE…..

We “teach our kids the Word ”
do we
” Train our kids in the WORD ?”

When they do not know how to overcome their flesh………..
WE don’t just let them read how to drive….
We ride with them….tell them, “do this do that ”
Unto the point of SEEING them be – ABLE
Train to “walk in the Spirit….to the point of ” ABLE “

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I think it depends on the age of your cidehrln, realistically all those stories need to be told but a six year old doesn’t need to know what happened to Judah and Tamar quite yet. I don’t look at it like censorship because you will tell them eventually but even in an unsafe world kids the age of your youngest don’t really understand the issues involved. We read the a kids Bible to B so she hears God’s word and we can talk about it a little but certainly we skip anything that deals with sex, drugs and rock & roll. Your oldest is probably getting to the age to bring this stuff up with, I know my oldest was in her early teens (tweens) when we started talking about those issues.

I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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