From Benson Simiyu…..


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Dear Janelle, We are fine in the name of the Lord,How is everybody there? How was the meeting at the Church,believe everybody blessed. We thank God that your time to come again has come. We thank God for the great works that he has done through you this years.It has been a wonderful year when we look at what God has done,building us a big and beautiful house.Thank you so much for listening to Him and been quick to act on what he has said. May God bless and reward you abundantly,May you and your family be blessed on this Earth.May you experience the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. May everybody who gave toward the construction of the House be blessed in the name of the Jesus.May they also posses their own houses in the name of the Lord.May God bless the works of their hands in the name of Jesus. The house is almost complete is only the (fundi) people who have been assigned with some task who are still doing things like couches ,sink,inside doors. Where we are we do not have sewage system where the waste can be carried.So people use septic tank which works with the Cistern and the toilet bowl where the waste is disposed .The septic tank is dug and then build inside by stone so that it can be water proof.We also have to put fence around the compound just for security and to prevent tress passers.So 90 posts are needed are two barbed wire.We have dug the holes for the posts . So the cost of digging septic tank and construction and the required pipes and metals is 370 dollars and the cost of fencing plus 90 posts is 242 dollars. If the septic tank is expensive we can do the temporary which costs about 150 dollars. But fencing is important it will give the two watchmen who have been looking at the place since construction began amble time. The electricity people have promised to install the power this week so we are still waiting for them. Let nothing disturb you, we will find a way out if their is no cash.Have a blessed day. MAy god show you his kindness everywhere you go.May his favor rest on you and all your family members.Peace be within you boundaries in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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