Full Circle ~ Life ~ Africa……


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Melissa Rone….aka ~ “RONE” to me.
Totally waited on the Lord to say, ” go now ”
Before she ever said,
” T….I think I am to go to Africa ”

This little girl lived a country block from us…
in Perry. ( now 37 ..? )
I would swing by and take her to Temple everyday.
She would then come home with us too…
Gabe and Tug were her..” brothers”, smile.
We’d stop and get Chico Stix, laugh, what ever.

Then she was one of “The Cheerleaders”
That took it to a whole NEW LEVEL……
Mission Trips to Peurto Rico….
Cheer Vacations to Myrtle Beach….
” LIFE ” …..

She went to College @ Grace…
as did Gabe and Tug….
where she continues to live….
on a lake…staying RONE ~ where ever she goes.

She is administrative, business, and savvy
to say the least. ( everything that I am not )
and I am so thankful for that !

This trip will be CONCENTRATING on the
Clinic/ Hospital….
Meetings with Dr.’s, Nurses, Midwives.
Govt. Officials
Individuals, their lives, their needs
Hospital Visits, Private and Govt.
It will completely DIFFERENT than those before.

* (Church, a Crusade, Radio, Prison, also )

The spiritual outcome….of THIS TRIP…
will be huge…
As our Hospital/Clinic…will touch
MORE LIVES than we can imagine…


We will covet your prayers…
” Prepare ye, THE WAY OF THE LORD ”

# Rone ~ Thanx for obeying.

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