Fullness ………………….


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Praising GOD alone for many things :

A.  The house in Matisi , Kenya ~ all walls are constructed.
       Individuals are “chipping round rocks to be square rocks”…
       The house is literal ~ ” A HOUSE OF THE ROCK ” , smile….
       It just makes me smile that is truly made of huge stones.

Thank you JESUS for each individual who has given….
        to purchase the rocks…..
Thank you JESUS for each individual who has sat on the ground..
       and chipped by hand each stone….amazing.
Thank you JESUS for Benson + Dorcas…who do not expect anything
       and will truly make it a “home of the LORD”…..

They are working on the house like 10 hours a day….
       So thankful for the provision to even have the opportunity
       to “have a home”….they are so appreciative.

I can not thank each person enough….
The community is “seeing”   JESUS ~ our provider.

The fullness comes from being a part of the movement of GOD
    via ~ Mercy Me + Brandon Heath concert…
    via – Benson + Dorcas actually building their home
    via – Bible Studies that the mysteries of GOD are being revealed
    via – our sons lives , their families lives = for the LORD
    via – worship, worship, worship…..Alvin Slaughter Sunday
    via – His Word spoken to us individually
    via – prayer – knowing GOD alone is listening
    via – Mike Wheeler / student/  now your chiropractor.. smile

There is no “spiritual diet”………
 I want to eat and eat and eat until I am hugely, spiritually overweight.

John 10:10
         ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

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