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Luke 19: 10
” For the Son of man is come to SEEK + to SAVE that which is LOST.”

Preparing for some things this week, this month.
I have to sit in one of my FAVORITE verses.

Taking check….
Looking into my own life……

Is my life consumed by this verse, is it embedded in my drive…
my passion, my daily purpose ?

All things in my life should stem from this verse….
I feel that seriously……..

a.  Am I in constant pursuit for those that do not know JESUS CHRIST ?
It is GOD who draws all men unto Himself…..so HE will show me ” who ”
But am I seriously open to that and desiring that ?

B.  If we are discipling people….is it just to see them grow and to
” proclaim ” they are Christians….or are we discipling them for
the cause that HE CAME FOR ?  ” to seek and to save the lost ”

C.  My own personal life….why do I want to improve in my relationship
with JESUS CHRIST ?    Self or Others to truly KNOW HIM AS SAVIOR ?

D.  Is what I am doing….my ministry..be it taking care of my Dad…
be it meeting with people…
be it being a Grandma, a Wife, a Mom …
be it Africa…..
is there one goal:
my prayers are centered that they will grow up to show JESUS to others
my caring is so that others may see JESUS and in return they give JESUS
my teaching, studying, living….serious about others desiring JESUS so intensely
that HE fills them and then others get HIM in their
overflow of HIS FULLNESS….

we get intentional about alot of things :

Our work
Our workout
Our finances
Our relationships
Our organization in our homes , laundry, dishes, etc.

We have a purpose with a goal…..

Our spiritual lives….” God what do you want me to do….what is it , how can I,
bless me,  I need…..I can’t figure out…..we walk around the block over and over
and guess who is the only one walking with us…..JESUS CHRIST !

Is that how we like it ?   Just JESUS + ME ?

What would HE prefer ?   JESUS, me + others….the lost…the dying going to hell….

” want to take a walk around the block ?”        just askin’

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