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What is bothering you ?
What is not leaving ?

It can be physical….
It can be emotional….
It can be mental……
It can be of the flesh……

But for some reason it just keeps hanging around….
” tormenting you ” .

This has been the case with me for the last couple of weeks.
The ” not shaking it “…..kind of cloud that you try to describe….
but it is just effecting you in many ways .

Benson and I were praying on the phone yesterday and he nailed it.
( Well , Jesus really NAILED it )
But he prayed that the ” spirit of torment would leave ”
and yes it is  4: 38 a.m.  ……and I am smiling.

Because I woke up with this verse …….
Praying it outloud to the spirit of torment ….

Mat.  18: 18
” Truly I say to you, Whatever  YOU shall bind on earth shall occur,
having been bound in Heaven;  and whatever you shall loose on earth
shall occur, having been loosed in Heaven.”

Having gone through intense spiritual warfare studies.
You are taught from the Word of God…..
That He has given us authority through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

What ever YOU…. US…… bind on earth.
He always wants us to participate spiritually with HIM.
That in itself is amazing…but HE does….
our salvation…..we are included by our FAITH.

Luke 9:2
” and He sent them to proclaim the the kingdom of God and to
heal the sick .”

He includes us……to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST…
who HE is , the same yesterday, today and forever.,

Matt. 18: 18
This verse shows that we have to exercise our faith in JESUS CHRIST.
By what ?   Binding……
but then not just leaving it there….we need to “loose”  what is of God.

So if you bind the spirit of torment….
What would your “loose ” ….the spirit of joy and peace !

If you dig a hole……clean it out……
You need to fill the hole, so that the same thing does not fill it back up.

The verse that satan will come back 7 times stronger…..
Ever get a victory and then later you are challenged in that same area ?
HE has to go on by…if , if we stand strong and are filled in the Name of JESUS .
Oh, he may stop and stare,
but that is where we have to stand in our victory !

I was truly sick of the intense , intense pain in my foot again…
I was truly sick of the intense lack of joy and peace…..
and so,  GOD WOKE ME UP…..

to bind the spirit of torment…..
and to loose the spirit of joy and peace in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Have you ever asked someone for a recipe ,
but they don’t want you to have it ?

satan in no way wants us to have this TRUTH OF GODS’ WORD…..
oh he doesn’t care if you read it and go on…..

but to “own this as revelation to freedom ? ”
he is so happy with us just ” reading the Word of God “…..
but not living it.

John 8: 32
” and you shall know  ….KNOW….( knowledge applied)
and you shall know the truth and the TRUTH shall set
you …….FREE ”

To read it, is  not to know and apply it….
I can read it ….and still be miserable…. ( hand raised )

It truly is :  ” The Living Word of God ”
for us to LIVE IN……FREEDOM.

I love the Word of God revealed.

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So true about we can read it but not live it out. I know I have been guilty of that. Thanks for this post. I needed this! God is sooo good 🙂

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