” Gifts for Africa….”


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As I wrap and shop for the ones I love here in America…
I had to think of what ” UnReined Supporters ”
JESUS CHRIST – supporters / ( like we can support CHRIST ? )
ok, you know what I mean…..
sent to AFRICA lately :

1.  Mattress’ for some of the prisoners in Kitale ,
who sleep on 1″ dirty – old pieces of foam  –

2.  Surgery to remove a ladies GOITER –  This goiter is so
huge  ( in video )  – her life will be changed forever.

3.  Rented one church –  1 acre of land to feed the whole church !

4.  1/2 a month bonus for all workers/ Teachers/ Benson !

5.  Money to complete a Video – Record a Worship Album
by Benson =  The Gospel to AFRICA !

6.  Chair and Bed for Ann – who has no legs.

7.  Edna was adopted ( fincially )
–  9 yrs. old…. Christmas XTRA…
That will change her families life…..

8.  Ticket bought –  Feb 1 – Feb 27,  2015….Salvations wrapped
in the blood of JESUS CHRIST……..


There is so much more happening….and for some reason…
I am not writing it out….
The first of the year……………….
You will start to see ….. how THIS YEAR….
” has been a TURN for HIS KINGDOM ”
” full throttle AFRICA,  full throttle OHIO ”


He alone is LORD…..
IT alone is His….
Us ?   Just grateful HE includes us in on HIS KINGDOM….
in the Name of JESUS !

As He came to earth and completed to the CROSS…
May we never stop on 2nd base…..
” HE who started a good work in you, shall complete it ”

May we , May I do the same !

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Praise the Lord. There have been times in my life when God has been doing great things and it’s almost like it has to sink in or settle with me before I can write about it. I know for me, sometimes he would show me things in pieces, because I couldn’t handle all of “it”. Can’t wait to see what ?He has in store for 2015! 🙂

I am excited to start my Daniel Fast. I have been skineeg some quiet time with God to understand exactly what kind of fast I’ll be doing. I truly believe an all juice fast is what HE is putting on my heart. My goal is to gain a closeness with the Holy Spirit like I’ve never experienced before. I pray I feel good, strong, and spirtually focused during these 21 days. I also pray God puts clear direction on my life and grants me continued peace.

You’ve really helped me understand the issues. Thanks.

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