Goals + Desires :


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Luke 12: 15
” A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”
Luke 1: 37
” A foolish man works toward the wrong end. to live a successful and satisfied
life, we have to have the right goals.  No God given goals for our lives
can be impossible, uncertain or blocked……..”

The distinction between Godly goals vs. godly desires =

A godly goal is any specific orientation that reflects God’s purpose for our lives,
and that is not  DEPENDANT ON PEOPLE or CIRCUMSTANCES beyond our right
or ability to control.

The only person we have the right or ability to control …..is ourselves.
Nobody can keep us from being the person God created us to be – except ourselves.

godly desire = any specific result that DEPENDS on the cooperation of other people,
the success of events or favorable circumstances that we have no right….
or ability to control.

Our identity should not be based on the success of our desires.
It is who we are in Christ…..

God’s success is not based on whether we sin or not.

Your sense of worth is not based on whether you have a ” happy home”…
there are ALOT of ups and downs in raising children, marriage….

Your desire to have a happy home, is worthy,  but many can block that.

If  your goal is to be THE PARENT….GOD CALLED….YOU TO BE.  ( today )
Who can block that goal ?   ( only you )

There is nothing wrong with having godly DESIRES….to raise your family, to reach
the lost for Christ…..
but our identity should not be based on that fulfillment.
we shouldn’t try to manipulate or control others to accomplish, ” our goals”
we shouldn’t be angry, depressed, or anxious if our desires are not met.
we WILL FEEL – disappointed…..that is living life….

His appointment for us …is for greater maturity in HIM alone.
people do not always cooperate and events don’t always go our way.

but conforming to the image of God…nothing can keep us….
because only we …can answer that call.

1 Thes. 4: 3
” It is God’s will that you should be sanctified.”

I honestly do not know why I wrote this out today,  ” my devo book of  reading”…
but as I wrote it out…..after reading it….
God just kind of sank into me….
” you want Benson’s to come over in May,
you want to raise money for them to come, for the medical clinic…
you want the right band for the concert to glorify JESUS CHRIST…
you want the golf outing….to help build the clinic to reach the lost….”

My desires…..can be effected by many things…..
My goal….( Janelle concentrate on this )….is to be alone with God today…
to encourage my family to be who He truly wants them to be….
to hear His voice and obey.   Period….

no one can effect that but me.
No God given goals for my life , can be blocked.
No God given goal for your life, can be blocked.

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