God is “taking it off , now “…..


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Is there something right now…. that just won’t ~ “GET OFF YOUR BACK”…
It has been there, it is pressing you down…..

Things are trying to CRUSH you….you feel the pressure of it all.
In fact it may be even oppressing you…..
Your movement is not free…
Your mind is not free….
The peace of God, is just not in you…to the fullest……
You know it is trying to HINDER your life in the LORD…

Isaiah 14: 25 b
” His yoke will be taken FROM my people
and his burden removed from their shoulders.”
26.  This is the plan DETERMINED for the whole world;
THIS IS THE HAND stretched out over all the nations.
27.  FOR THE LORD ALMIGHTY has purposed,
and who, who, who can THWART HIM ?”
HIS HAND…….is stretched out, and WHO CAN
turn it back.”

Picture the hand of the LORD stretched over you today.
Picture the hand of the LORD stretched over your home, your family, today.

Then HE takes HIS hand and lifts off ,  the burden….the yoke….
It is taken off……by HIM…..who can turn it back.

Who can put it back on…..

vs. 32
” the LORD has established Zion,
and in her his afflicted people will find refuge.”

Someone needs refuge today.
Someone needs the yoke taken off today….
Somone needs to walk in peace today….

Let the redeemed say it is so…
He is LORD,  He is taking this right now off of ME.
His hand is stretched out over ME.
And no one, not satan, not others, not MYSELF…will
put that yoke back upon me.

I choose, to walk from here on in peace…knowing :

( oppression in this area is coming to push you down ..
if the arm of God is OVER  YOU….it can not push you down
any longer, it can NOT go through the ARM OF GOD …
in the name of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, amen )

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