“godly sorrow produces ? “


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2 Cor. 7: 11
“ Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation
and LEAVES NO REGRET but worldly sorrow brings death.”

When we go through things that we may “ act in the flesh”
and then wish it would of never happened ?

* which we ALL DO, right ? smile…..

If we handle in in a “godly” way ?
We ask for forgiveness from God….
We ask for forgiveness from man….
sincerely from our heart ……

Then ~ we seriously can have NO REGRET……

PEACE is how you know you are in His will…

There is the grid, the testing……

watch this : vs. 12
“ So even though I wrote to you, it was not on the
account of the one WHO DID WRONG or
of the INJURED PARTY, but rather…..
that before God
HOW DEVOTED…. to us you are .”

Sometimes we go through such deep things…
Things that we think we truly have messed up…
Things that we can not understand the way it is…
or the “ why it is “….
but it takes us to:
“ the deepest CREED within ourselves “
“ the deepest stance, belief, emotions, desires,
the “dot” of our lives, how we want to live.”

It isn’t about the outcome…
but the…. HOW WE LIVE,
what we live from and
what we live BY…
God lets us REVISIT ~ to set it in cement…
YES, you truly are committed..
YES, you did not waiver from ME..
YES, I see your heart is REAL…
YES, you needed to know this before the next CHAPTER
that I have for you, TRUST ME…..
I have seen YOUR HEART…..
I have seen , “ how devoted to us you are “ vs 12

Never , never not trust God,
when YOU DON’T understand HIS WAYS….

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