God’s Guidance……


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Sitting with Tug last nite making the  2011 video…..
When he was finished, I looked at the list and showed Angie….
” this means another year was completed”…….a deep breath inside of me…
” that means a NEW YEAR is to be walked out ”

It is a very convicting path to walk on…..
KNOWING how much you have to literally rely on the LORD ALONE.

You know who you are NOT…..
You rely on WHO HE IS…… in all seriousness,  seriously !

Then Benson calls this morning….we just walk out our conversations…..
I tell him how I feel lead –  we need to build the MEDICAL CLINIC next….
” Mum, have you followed the news ?  The Dr.’s have been on strike for more money
and people have bee DYING here….it is just over last week.”   Benson, ” we need
to find a Dr. who has the call of the Lord for the  people and not the money.”

Then to talk through.. that  a Chaplain  will stay at the Medical Clinic and pray with
each person…follow up with each person….witness and give them the plan of salvation…
give them JESUS, eternal LIFE….with each one that walks in and walks out.

I seen their eyes light up…..at the mention of a Medical Clinic…
it will be a GREAT TOOL for salvations, a GREAT TOOL…a GREAT TOOL !

He continues to tell me how he just told Charlie, ( with the chicken )  that his “watchman”
days are about over…..he did not know for what…but for God’s full time work.
Charlie might become our ” care/evangelizing/outreach Pastor ”  smile

Charlie is one amazing INDIVIDUAL…..
He would not have stopped evangelizing…he would of went til dark, when I was there !

God is truly today,   birthing…tomorrow.

Please pray,  ” the sheep will hear MY VOICE and will OBEY IT ”
We need His wisdom, insight, anointing, revelation…..HIS hand on every step.
His alone, for it and they are HIS ALONE.

Thank YOU for praying,

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