~~ Have we set a trap ?


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We were just talking last nite about the ” whiles of the devil ”
The schemes…..the manipulations….the thot out plans of satan…..

This a.m. I start out reading :

John 8: 4 – 5
” and said to Jesus, ” Teacher ( they were under His teaching )
this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5. In the Law Moses
commanded us to stone such women. Now WHAT DO YOU SAY ?”

6. They were USING THIS QUESTION AS A TRAP, in order to have a
basis for accusing him.”

using + trap + Jesus Christ ~ just doesn’t go together…..

He bent over to show them HIS ANSWER….written in the ground
and they KEPT IT UP……

the continual ” trapping ”
the continual ” scheme ”

and it wasn’t even with another CHRISTIAN…..

He finally had it …He finally ,had it with them….

OH, have we ever felt when WE were in sin….
That JESUS CHRIST ” stands up” as to get our attention ?
HE stood up and said,
” IF any one of you is without sin,
let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

I like this, vs. 8 ” Again he STOOPED DOWN, ( again …
HE stooped down…… and wrote on the ground.

** Let’s try this again….ME/ JESUS speaking to you in a
kind way to keep you from sinning. It wasn’t about the lady
in her sin….HE had dealt with that…..
It was those LOOKING ON….judging
It was those LOOKING ON….judging

** What is JESUS CHRIST writing in dirt today with me ?
** What is JESUS CHRIST standing up saying to me today ?
** What is JESUS CHRIST, saying ” again, to me “…….

vs. 9 ” At this , those who HEARD…….began to go away
one at a time, the older ones first, until only JESUS was
left with the woman still standing there.”

* those who HEARD – that got it….
* why the older ones first ?
should they have known better the most ?
did they get it the quickest ?

* look who was left….The way JESUS wanted it…..
” Jesus was left with the woman standing there”

HIMSELF w/ the one who committed adultery…..
HIMSELF….HE will change those that need changed…not us.

Trap setter ?
Letting JESUS be JESUS w/ each individual ….
Walk away….Let JESUS stand alone w/ each of us….amen.

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Love this! My SS teacher (from a Bible college – He is amazing man of God that knows the Word like no other) – taught this passage just last week. He suggested perhaps that Jesus wrote the names of the people standing there condemning the lady. Who without sin – “Simon?” “Jacob?” etc. that were standing there! It speaks to judging others and on the part of the woman – it speaks of God’s amazing grace. Have a safe, wonderful, blessed trip, dear friend! Praying for you and can’t wait to see what God will do in Africa this year!!! 🙂

Everything ok over there? I asked Tug and he said you made it. Mom and I are praying…hope everything is going well! Love ya!

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