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Benjamin Lymo  ( lee- mo)
his testimony tonite :  young man 18 ?

My mind , I should attend today….
The Lord sent His Holy Spirit. I should attend the seminar.
I took my bicycle and road to this place…I did not know where
I was going.  As I was coming I met a brother. I asked , ” where
are you going?”   He said he was coming to a seminar.  ” do
you really know where you are going ?”   He said, no.  ” Let
us just go – the Holy Spirit will take us.”  ( they come from 25
miles to the mountains from here !)
We rode 1 bicycle.  I rode with all my strength.  Even when
I was climbing the mtn. the bike was flying.  I was 1 kilometer
away….I called my Pastor ( this church has just come into this
ministry )  ” which side should I come ? ”   You are very close, he said.
I became bold…” as you will be walking to Heaven…you will
go thru Mtns. and valleys.”

I entered and sat down as the teaching proceeded.

Since I was born I never came close to a white woman.
And the gospel she has given us praying to give you strength.
The Word of God has been shared and I know there is a purpose
to my life.
” You ( muzungu ) have been used me as God here.”

( I have always pulled people up…to represent God, Jesus,
people , what ever…it was no biggy to me…I always try to
use many…and he was just one of them, today…listen again
and hear the boy that rode his bike and how God wanted to
speak to him )

” you have been used me as God here ”

” that is a BIG MIRACLE….. to me ”
The brother told me that I brought on the bike,
” you have been a big help.”

” I didn’t know the Lord was waiting to use me,
for GOD ”

( bringing him up….to represent God )
( the depth of what it meant..that he could be used…
in just an illustration….as God….crossed into the
spiritual and touched his heart deeply )

” From today, I have seen in His Word.  A Good
Shepherd comes from the Lord ”

Benjamin  Lymo

An older man gave his testimony…. ( too long for
this one )  but he walked over 30 miles from the mountain.
Mount Elgon – the war was going on,  the 1st year God
spoke to me to come….it is what touched me to come..
…and NOW….
( Benson took the vehicle up into Mt. Elgon, where
the roads end…but God gave us …the means to
get to them )before I came, they wanted to come
under our ministry to help them…
and NOW…..they will walk 30 miles
to hear from the LORD……no words.

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Unbelievable. Praise The Lord. Will continue praying. No wonder you can’t sleep – it’s too exciting! 🙂

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