…..He has a ~ ” strategy ” ….


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Many of us think we know what God wants us to do….
Many of us do not know how it will come to pass….
In reading it is revealed from God…

HE HAS A STRATEGY ….to accomplish HIS WILL :

Mark 14 : 13
” So HE sent  two of His disciples, TELLING THEM,
” God into the city, and a man carry a jar of water will meet you,
follow him.”

( seriously a man carrying the jar is the 1st clue ? )

14. Say to the owner of the house he enters, ” The Teacher
asks;  Where is my guest room, where I may eat the Passover
with my disciples ?”

( they are not even saying what is on their minds…they are
only saying what JESUS says to say…..and they are sticking
to Kingdom work….they are following a human to obey
JESUS….who is carry a JAR OF WATER )  odd ?

Is it ODD where you are at right now , who you are walking
“behind”  yet you know you are walking to where HE is telling
you to go ?

15.  “HE will show you a large upper room,  FURNISHED
AND READY.  Make preparations for us there.”

Less effort of us is required when HOW EVER God tells us
to go, to do,  HE has the needs met and ready and waiting.
What does it require from us ?

Our responsibility ?   LISTEN intensely to JESUS, desire to
Be in such a tight relationship that we will go find the guy
with the jar, we will follow him, and we will EXPECT GOD…
to have what HE wants done…..DONE BY HIM , alone.

A FEAST, A MEAL, everything already waiting….
( ever cooked a meal for many , full blown out meal…..
this year Chris cooked our Thanxgiving meal….and to
walk in and mostly all of it was WAITING…all I had
to do is sit down and eat ? )

** God is just now telling me…..it will feel the same,
keep listening……keep obeying……( it was awesome !)

16. The disciples LEFT, WENT into the city and found things
JUST AS JESUS HAD TOLD THEM.  So they prepared the

17.  When evening came,  JESUS ARRIVED….

Our part,  Listen, deep relationship w/ JESUS,
Trust what He is telling us individually
As odd as it is OBEY…..


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Wow. Really needed to hear this. Thanks. Just like the old hymn, “Trust and Obey”.

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