~~~ HE , has it anyways ! ~~~


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I can not tell you…..how this season….” right now “….
Not claiming to have it all together ~  cause I don’t !
But I am claiming that JESUS CHRIST is giving me, HIS PEACE !

It is a season …that many things are coming at me like a semi truck going 8o mph ~
*  My Dad has been struggling with his health intensely
   *  Rock has been working everyday intensely for one month straight
*  Family time….trying to help when I can,  where I can
*  Africa –  2 months out ~  no messages wrote yet !
*  Chaplain Ministry  4 +
*  Friends I WISH , I could spend time with….. smile….
*  Mowing  3 days out of  7
* Grocery Shopping  ( why this,  it just seems like a “have to ” )

And yet, And yet…..in this season, this time right NOW….
I feel peace.  I feel the PEACE OF GOD….

” do what you can today….
are you doing it with the mind of Christ, the Spirit of Christ, the love of CHRIST ?
don’t feel guilt……just do what you can , for who you can, because I TELL YOU TO.
enjoy a moment in the day with me….sing in the car…claim a verse….raise your hands to me
grab onto that verse I gave to just you and live it out today
make the person in front of you ~  the most important


I know/  I GOD KNOW….the plans I HAVE FOR YOU…..

And so I refuse to fret, I refuse to worry or try to think things won’t get done…
or people won’t understand…
because my desire is to please God today…

I didn’t get to have a Bible Study the other night because we ended up in ER…
My Dad, ” Janelle, I am sorry I ruined your night”
 ( it had been a long stint…and I was SO looking forward to it, and he knew it ) 
Me : ” Dad, tonite I believe God didn’t want me to teach HIS WORD…
He wanted me to live it ”

Again,  not saying  ~  I got it…
but been here done this one….and HE HAS IT ANYWAYS…

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I understand exactly what you’re saying. We’re feeling peace here too. A peace that passes understanding since so much is still going on. Thank you soooooo much for your help this weekend. I can’t even tell you what a blessing it was in a million different ways. Praying God blesses you a hundred times over for it.

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