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I read this a.m. about God’s TESTIMONY …..God’s TESTIMONY is JESUS CHRIST.

1 John 5 :9
” We accept man’s testimony, but GOD’S testimony is greater because it is the testimony
of God, which He has given us about His Son. 10. Anyone who believes in the Son of God
has this testimony in his heart.”     ( salvation, deposit of the Holy Spirit )

God’s Testiomony –  coming out of God’s mouth, spoken, living, real = JESUS CHRIST

How powerful would that be ?  Seriously ?  How Holy ? The Exact truth of JESUS CHRIST…
All HE is,  All HE can do,  All HE gives to us…in all the complete fullness…
That we can not even describe or convey =  HIS GLORY .

My Testimony =  I asked for prayer for the inside ruptured tendon in my left foot.
Swelling for 5 weeks
Bruising….walking differently, weakness, tingling…couldn’t walk well by
end of night…xrays….OIO….etc.
Monday –   nail in tire, I go to Miller Bros. Tires….Elizabeth Dye/Knick calls,  ” Janelle are you
somewhere we can pray for your foot.”   She prays,  she truly believes ,  I open myself
up to who HE TRULY IS…in God’s Testimony of The Truth of JESUS….I turn it to the
point of it hurting the most as she prays and ask, there God, there…right there….I walk out…

Upon walking out, I knew, I knew it felt different, stronger….I get extremely happy, glad, joyful….
” are you kidding me….again GOD ”    –   He did this to my knee in 2009
Tues…my day of walking as a Chaplain from 8: 30 – 3: 30
At times a tinge of pain….. NO NO NO satan , NOPE….
Then back to no pain….the ability to bend it to the place where it  lit me up before..w/ out pain.

Today, I hesitate to go get the MRI at 4:30…because never do I want to doubt God…

I asked Stanley Tam ” what would you do ?”     He said, ” I have been there ” smile…
I am going to go get it, almost to say ” SEE IT IS GOD,  in human pictures…..IT IS GOD ”

I wanted to write this to give MY TESTIMONY….as in creed to aligning with
JESUS CHRIST today 2012 ….I asked a guy in my route yesterday…

” when did HE quit being fully God ?   1958 ,  1999,  2000  ???????”


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