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Anointing =  the reception of the HOLY SPIRIT,
enabling him to do the assigned task.

From the 1st step….to the Cross …..to the Tomb…..
Jesus Christ alone….
Peter could not do it
John could not do it…

Who anointed Jesus Christ ?          ( God )

Jesus Christ received the empowerment to do
the assigned task God had given Him to do.

Dan. 9: 25  ….. ” until the Anointed One ”

Jesus Christ is the ANOINTED ONE-
The only One who could pay for our sins…
The only One who could endure the cross
The only One that could go everything

and come OUT of the TOMB….
and come OUT of the TOMB….

God, has chosen you
God, has created you….

” He who started a good work in you will
complete it until the day of JESUS CHRIST”

From start – conception – even before that !
To you standing in front of JESUS CHRIST…..
Your path,  your walk on earth…..
That God has ” ANOINTED”  you to do…

Again , Anointed =
the reception of the HOLY SPIRIT,
enabling him/her to do an assigned task.

We have the Holy Spirit upon salvation….
Anointing = The welcoming of all that the
HOLY SPIRIT  that is within us…
open armed reception….. “GO AHEAD……..”

The reception of the enabling power of God
To do EXACTLY what HE has called you to do.

If we ” live ” in that…
Truly live in what God Himself ….
Has chosen us….
Has anointed us…..to do.

Jesus Christ in Him being “The Anointed One”
could do all God called Him to do …
to the point of conquering DEATH.  amen ?

We ~ joint heirs with Christ
Receiving the Holy Spirit upon salvation
Having a true calling of God on our lives
Being empowered by the Holy Spirit
guided, directed, spiritual to spiritual…..

If we stay in our ANOINTING…..
( my anointing is different than yours….. )
Gabe = technology
Marla = writing
Tug = promoting
Angie =  singing
Rock  = working to provide
Janelle __________

In my anointing, and if I truly
with open arms  ” reception of the Holy Spirit
enabling us to do our  ASSIGNED task “

As a parent you only ask of your child to do,
what you know he /she is able to do.

As our FATHER IN HEAVEN….only asks of us, assigns us
to a Kingdom task….of what HE has enabled us to do unto
completion –  to the tomb – to the victory….
not stopping, not incomplete…..

In Him….nothing can stop us – NOTHING
BECAUSE – ( first )

His anointing empowered our anointing !
Honor HIM….
HONOR JESUS CHRIST’ obedience to the tomb….
stay in, don’t let anyone pull you out of
   what you are anointed to do…..in the name of JESUS….. 

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