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Have you ever loved something and wonder
” WHY do I like it so much ? ”

The weather.
I love the weather… You read God’s Word…
Then a new revelation or maybe  HE is building
on a previous revelation….but it digs even deeper :

Jeremiah 10 talks about “lifeless idols”
vs. 5  ” Like a scarecrow in a melon patch,
their idols cannot speak, they must be carried
because they can not walk. ”

vs. 12 –  BUT GOD made the earth by His power…
vs. 13 – When HE ….HE thunders,
the waters in the Heaven roar;
HE makes the clouds rise from the ends
of the earth.
HE sends lightning with the rain and brings
out the wind from HIS STOREHOUSE.

When a child asks,  where does the WIND come from ?
Read them this verse !  ” From His storehouse ”

Then He goes back to the idols…..vs.   GOD’s Power

vs. 14    ” they have no breath in them”

THE very WEATHER……has the breath of God.

Every season –  the breath and power of God.
Every leaf that came off a tree =  The Breath of GOD
Every storm =  The Breath  and POWER of God

Showing today – this season – HIS POWER is real…..
Real against the evil that has no power…it has no power.

What ever trial….what ever sickness or disease….
What ever is carved by man….idol or just materially…

It has no power
The weather , again……SHOWS HIS POWER…

* so when we walk in the rain….. rake, or blow a leaf…
shovel snow,  or turn our wipers on…..

SEE and KNOW, HE is showing us  = I AM GOD.
I AM GOD….and my breath ~
full of power is being REVEALED.

Vs. 16  ”  the LORD ALMIGHTY is HIS NAME “

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