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Acts. 6:3
” Select from among you, brethren, seven men of good reputation,
FULL OF THE SPIRIT and OF WISDOM, whom we may put in charge of this task.”

How do you define full of the Spirit ?
It can not be done easily at all….

but: the presence
the absence

can easily be discerned.


” It is the power to change the atmosphere by one’s presence, the unconscious influence that makes CHRIST and SPIRITUAL things real to others.”

Spiritual ends can only be achieved by spiritual men who employ spiritual methods.

secular men / women….running spiritual ministry…of their own effort get – mans outcome – not God’s !

If we want spiritual results….
we have to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT…

that is why God tells us to ” guard the good deposit of the HOLY SPIRIT”

He knows ….on earth to get HIS RESULTS…we need to listen , obey and trust
to comprehend HIS GUIDEBOOK = the BIBLE
to hear HIS VOICE = Prayer
to let HIM move in others = Holy Spirit

on earth, with HIS INFLUENCE…………

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