Holding the Hand of JESUS !


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Before…. I even got to the Word today….
Jesus gave me the insight of Him holding my hand…
but even more so…
of me ~ ” Holding The hand of JESUS CHRIST ”

Invision that exact concept….
You holding the hand of our LORD + SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.
I can feel the warmth of His hand.
I can feel the strength of HIS hand.
I can feel His fingers wrapped around my hand.
I feel that scar of the nail…
( if we are truly holding the LORD’s hand…
then what ALL does that scar truly mean, go there ! )


Then go to the proximity of the distance we are to Him.
an ” arms length away ”
or maybe even closer, to where you feel HIS side ….
He walks to the right, I go with Him…
I walk to the left, He goes with me !!

The past couple of days, Rock put a deer blind back
by the river for me….and he wanted me to check it out.
The weeds are tall by the river….
So Rock walks to the bank through the weeds….
Where do I walk ?
Right behind him…. why ?
How stupid would I be to go blazing another trail ?
How stupid would I be to want to make my own path….?
I let HIS legs and feet, his power..
his mind pave the way…..
And all I have to do, is GO ON, what Rock has already done.

( the Cross, the resurrection….JESUS CHRIST has already
walk behind what HE has already DONE ! )

When Rock and I hike the Southern Ohio land….
He walks in front, and I walk behind….and when we
go down to the bottom of the ravines…. he goes before me..
if it gets steep, or rocky …or what ever….
Rock’s hand will automatically, come back to me….
waiting for me to put my hand in his…. why ?
So that I will NOT FALL….
(He doesn’t want me to fall, JESUS doesn’t want us to fall..)

So that I can use his weight and strength to STABILIZE me..
Rock already stepped the roughness and HE KNOWS….
He knows what is ahead… and so :

” I put my hand in his and LEAN NOT UNTO MY OWN UNDERSTANDING ”

Joshua 1: 5
” No one will be able to stand up against you all the days
of your life. AS I WAS with Moses, SO I WILL BE WITH YOU;
I will never leave ____________ you nor forsake __________you. ”

His hand around mine….and my hand IN HIS….
He has already went before us…HE knows the “terrain” of our lives
right now….I choose today, to let You/ Jesus,
walk through the weeds….for me……
and I will follow YOU, JESUS…..
Your WORD says, ” YOU…will never leave me, as you did with Moses ”

My word, my heart to YOU/JESUS …
I will never leave YOU,

either !

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