Houston…. the land – IS PURCHASED ! ! ! ! ! ! TO GOD ALONE…BE THE GLORY ! AMEN !


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and Dorcas
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:56 AM
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Dear Janelle,
How are you and the entire family ?How is Rock , Gabe , and Tug ? We are
just back from the funeral which took place on Saturday. I am so glad that I
had opportunity to be with my dad on his last days.This is the instruction
that he gave us as a family ( That if you know the truth, the truth will set
you free and Love one another as the love is of God ) I am sooooo glad that
this are the words that kept on coming from his mouth ) I will teach the
truth of the word of God to the community until they are free and I will
take the love of God to the community until they know God who is love
.I really do appreciate the letter that you wrote to me when my dad went
to be with the lord, It really ministered to me and our family, God bless
you.I have just concluded the transaction of the land through the advocate
and made the payment, So it is now Gods blessing to his Children and to his
own glory.Pray for that land that it shall be a place of healing to the
community and the Nations,a place of comfort, a place of Love to the
desperate , a place of salvation to the dying world, It shall be (Goshen)
where Gods light shall never cease, a men.We now have the land ,Praise the
living God a gain and a gain.
I think the construction of the Church is very important at the
moment.Where the sheep shall be fed with the word of God and taken care
of.It can be even a shelter to the homeless.Construction of Church at that
place is very vital and of a great impact to the community.The Orphanage
,the School , the home of the aged, and the clinic should come after the
Janelle have a great day,I will write you letter cost of everything when I
get back home now i am still in Town from the advocate.Bye and Hug Rock for
.Tell the people of the Church and all those laboring in this great work in
Africa, that we Love them and keep on praying for them and their families.I
will sent you the picture so that you can show to the church and all those
involve in this great work, bye and God bless you.
in my heart…. ( in Africa…you never know )
    so it was NOT UNTIL NOW,  – – – today….that it HIT….
can not contain….the joy…amen amen amen amen amen…
only by the blood of JESUS CHRIST…is HIS WILL carried out
through mere man………. wow…………….. thank YOU – JESUS !
da da dadada – da da da  ( victory song of Marilyn’s when she won a board game)
this is more than a board game…this is salvations, lives, children…

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