Houston, we are cleared for the PRISON !


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God has used Gabes’ miracle…..to drive in truths so much…every day !
Again, I thank YOU JESUS !…especially at the mens meetings today.

We cont. to study Deut. 2…..and the ” hand of GOD…..being upon them.

I had Charlie….be Gabe…..leaning over at the moment of his attack….
and God is a jealous God….He sees our hearts…..He knows our love for HIM ALONE…

HIS HAND WAS ~  UPON GABE…….God’s HAND…and God @ that exact MOMENT……


Where as if we rebel….against God….as they had for generations….
HIS HAND….went against them.
They got it…… !
There is such a culture of striving, poverty…wandering….

Consumed with God….CONSUMED in LOVE WITH GOD…
and HIS hand is upon them in AFRICA….HE will make your enemies panic…
and satan will flee.   ( He fleed GABE…in the Name and blood of JESUS, he fleed ! )

From the Men of Liyavo :

Justus :  To really live a life fulfilled it has to be a life not consumed with myself.
But a life under the hand of God and consumed with God.
Joseph Miana :  WE stop being concerned about many things because God is
concerned about us !
Nga Nga :  When we on this earth call on His name. In everything depends on our
relationship with God
Immanuel:  To leave aside every evil thing that could seperate us from God.
( he got up from his chair and went acrossed to  another)
If my coat had been lying in dung, then I would leave it there and
get up and walk away from it .
Stephen:  It doesn’t matter where I live. it matters how much He lives in me.

Benson :  God is the most important thing we need to have.  You can not represent
a person you have never met.  Some will talk about God….but few KNOW HIM.
You see, when Moses met God
They could not look at Moses because of the MAGNITUDE of the GLORY OF GOD.
The glory of God was upon Moses.  We can not carry the glory of God to the people..
When we have not been with the God of Glory HIMSELF.

( there were more…I didn’t get my pen out soon enough ! )

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I love reading your blog posts. I love that you are with someone named justus. praying for you

I love reading your blog posts. I love that you are with someone named justus. praying for you

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