How are you like your DAD ? ( Africa Women’s meeting )


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Today ~ The women came…so we got into God’s Word….
   John 17:21
      ” that all of them may be one, FATHER, just as you are in me and I am in You.
May they also be in us so that the WORLD may believe that you have sent me.”
Started it with the question ” how are you like your earthy father ?”
Then we ended it with, ” what character of your Heavenly Father…are you desiring ?”

Their Name       father’s name    earthly father trait they have          Heavenly Father

Benson               Laban          to forgive people + forget            walk in gifts of the Spirit
Dorcas                Paul              hardworking                                     Preach the Word of God
Lydia                   John            think before you act                      cast out demons
Sharon                Charlie      a man at peace                                    preach the Word of God
Christian            Paul            to live at peace w/ people               Praise and Worship God
Beatrice             Charlie      respect to everybody                              
Florence            Andrew    Business and how to run it              Pray  intercessor needs
Nora                    Samuel     fear of God, share with all                Intercessor
Mary                   Meka          honorable man , humble                  gift of healing
Katherine         Meshac      hardworking , bless the poor          Evangelism
Lilian                  Antony      hardworking, easily provoked          praise the LORD
Finance             Stephan     easily provoked                         prayer that changes others
Katherine         Richard     at peace with others                           healing

It was an amazing time in the Lord….
Looking deeply in who GOD is…who JESUS CHRIST is….and what HE has given to us !
Are we truly living in, in what HE died to give to us….?

John 16:15
   ” All that belongs tothe Father is mine ( JESUS) , That is why I said the SPIRIT will
take from what is mine ( JESUS) and make it known to you…______. ( our name ).”

If we truly will own this and do what JESUS did with who HE is in us…
It is how God truly will have the most impact spiritually.
It is HIS design, for us to have authority over satan, to be able to speak His Word..
pray , praise,  touch, love in a way that OTHERS KNOW….HE is IN US….today !

What trait of your earthly father do you live ?
What trait of your Heavenly Father do you desire right now the most ?
     Ask and recieve in faith, as you did with your own salvation !

Happy Birthday , Marla ………!!!!!!

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