How God has us…….


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10 more got saved in Church this a.m. ~  It is God who draws all men
unto Himself….

Had a great service !  JUST GOD !

Testimony :

Justus stood and told of Elliott.
A cop – who is a friend to our Pastor Benson.  On Sat. before he gave his life to Christ.
Released on Thurs. from prison.  They heard shots in Folkland ( a place where cops
do not like to go ) When he was released on Thurs. he called Pastor Benson and told him that he would come on Sunday to accept Jesus. On Sat. shots, people running…..
When they heard it was Elliott.  Police chased Elliott into the maize field.  He said, ” I took
off my shirt and laid in the maize.”  The maize was small at that time, so people were
amazed they could not find him.  Police told Pastor Benson,  ” I had him in my aim to shoot
and kill and a child ran in front of me, I could not shoot.  I had him again, again a child
ran in front of me.”  Then he was gone….
The following Sunday he came to church and gave his life to the LORD.

He then told Benson, that he is not coming to church for what the Lord can do for him…
but for where he knows he has come from.  He sat by Joseph Miner today in church,
Joseph went to prison to visit him…… Elliott thot, ” why does he come and no one else ?”

Elliott’s Wife :  ( stood came to the front and said )  ” I asked God every day to God
to protect my husband.  I pray for my husband to protect.  I wanted to come to the womens
meeting on Tues. but we had ( Elliott’s) his case in court.   It was very bad against him.
I looked at him.  I could not believe at court case, it was not to believe.
I thank the Lord for who He is in our life.   ( Elliott is free)

Still today Benson said, ” if you ask a cop who is the hardened criminal….they will say first
without hesitation ~  ELLIOTT ”

Thank YOU for each prayer you pray !



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His grace is amazing.. For Elliott, for me, for all of us! Praise Him!

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