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Angie Taviano…..gave me bags of NEAT ANGIE CLOTHES
and jewelry…and Tug gave me a bag of TUG hoodies and
seats, golf and dress shirts, etc..
and Reesey put in her little black boots to give….

Pam K. and I headed on ” black Friday ” on the 2nd Mission
Trip to S. Ohio ….last year I started this and I ended
up in the Hospital…but eventually pushed through and
made it for the 1st one….last year.
( of blankets made by my cousin for MANY ! )
The day after Thanxgiving, I didn’t know if I would
even FEEL like getting this all ready, but I woke up at
5:00 with it PRESSING ON MY HEART…and direction to go !
So, with a trunk full of BLESSINGS…
We prayed and pulled out of the drive…not knowing
where to go…but only to GO !
” God if you tell us to go right, we will go right, if you
tell us to go left we will go left ” , Pam prayed.
This one trailer that has an above ground pool was so
staying in my head. We go by it every time we drive down…
it is close to our land.
We stopped, I knocked on the door… ” you don’t know
me from Adam “….and so it started….” here is my
ministry card, this is who I am and God is starting
something NEW down here, and I was just wondering if you
knew of anyone of a ” size 0 ” smile…?????
Around her shoulder was a girl, black hair, tiny and
smiling….I said, ” Like about her size ? ”
She said, ” I really……”
Me, ” just see if you see anything you like or want,
that is all it is about ”
It went from …” OOOOHHHHHH, I like those, Yeah ! ”
to ” I am doing an internship and they told us to dress,
dress casual…and I LOVE all of these colors ”
and a pair of boots , ” HOW DO THESE FIT, HOW DO THESE
FIT…I don’t wear this size, how do these fit ?
I LOVE THESE” …. ” My room mate…..”
To, ” my Dad loves OHIO STATE, he will like that !”

She was taking off today , to go back to AKRON COLLEGE, today !

Out of all the backroads…
Out of all the trailers and houses…..
Out of all…..HE KNEW ……!!

Down to the size, the color, the style…..

Then on to the boat man, the neighbor girl, the family that
is right down the road…” Amber will love these….etc.”

God knows the EXACT need of every individual…..
What HE lays on our hearts IS NOT ABOUT US….@ ALL…..
What HE lays on our hearts is NOT ABOUT US….@ ALL…..
* don’t hesitate….what you hear from the HOLY SPIRIT
act upon it now…
What you hear from the HOLY SPIRIT…go NOW…..
They may be leaving today….
They are waiting upon our hearing…

What is the mission field ? Every road, every house,
every individual we meet…….

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