Humility and Reverence ?


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Just going on in Jeremiah…..where I am reading today :
I ask God to speak to me today –
to speak to me, for Africa –

Jeremiah 44
vs. 2 –  ” …today they lie in deserted ruins because of the
evil they  have done. THEY PROVOKED ME TO ANGER
by burning incense and by worshiping other gods that
neither you nor your fathers ever knew.”
a.  Everyone talks of prospering in the new year….we
have some control of it spiritually…..
– are we blessing God, worshipping God with
every decision, every thing we do with our hands
every word, thot and deed ?
– are we provoking God to anger ?
* if we truly think about the deep LOVE in God ,
HE can bestow on us  =  GREAT !
*  but do we truly want to MESS WITH the anger of GOD ?

b.  it was worshipping another god….that their parents or
grandparents …never did  !  In our generation, in me….am
I not serving, worshipping JESUS, totally, in my life….
am I or have I started…..
to ” worship other gods/ self / the world ” in a new way ?
What am I starting in my generation, my family ?
vs  8. ” Why PROVOKE me to anger with what YOUR hands
have made ?” ……. ” where you have come to live ”   =

your own life, not the lives of your parents, grandparents…
but in your own life….are WE provoking God ?

So to me, we can have one of two characters
( dealing in this chapter )
A.  a spirit of provoking anger = self worship
worshipping what we are doing
worshipping what we are making
B.  vs. 10
“To this day they have not….humbled themselves
or shown reverence ……….”

What it boils down to in our lives…the bottom line…
What brings HONOR and GLORY to the LORD.….
a life of  HUMILITY
a life of REVERENCE.……to the LORD.

If we are going to do something GREAT for the LORD
this year ?  2015 ….THEN ONLY MAKE HIM GREAT !

If we are going to do something GREAT for the LORD
this year ?  2015 ….THEN ONLY MAKE HIM GREAT !

It is a nutshell kind of thing :
Are we HUMBLE  before the LORD ~  DAILY ~ HOURLY

vs.8   ” you will destroy yourself ”

Ball is in our court,  God wants our lives to be blessed, have
favor,  have HIS GLORY upon it…live in the power of HIS WILL.

or :  ?    HE is not a God that pressures us to LOVE HIM
His love language =” in all humility
His love language = ” in all reverence

But if we live a life of provoking Him …
provoking is an ON GOING…stirring….
He wants to show us love and mercy
He wants to be patient with us….
but there may come a time, where it hits the edge.

What does not provoke God to anger ?
What does provoke God to anger ?
Worshipping other gods,
Worshipping what we have done, made, self.

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Totally agree with your thoughts Terry. Because we lesitn to others does not mean we constantly change our own beliefs to theirs.The world is big enough for all to hold our own views. But we must not ram them down other throats. In my world, this is where wars start.And sadly, often those pushing their ways don’t really care about the ways’ they just want trouble!At the end of the day, irrespective of our upbringing & beliefs, no one ACTUALLY KNOWS what Life Hereafter is all about. So yes Terry, the very best answer is I don’t know’. Thank you for sharing.

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