In Africa…….


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In short :

1.  In Chicago Ohara – Seen Gabe and Marla’s Pastor Rich….
He prayed with us !  ( chance of that ?)
2.  12 1/2 hr. flight ~ went fast !
3.  Dohar , Qatar – airport short lay over – made it !
4.  Benson at the airport to transfer us to a whole different airport
for “hopper flight” – 12 seater bush plane..seats with canvas stitched seats
( Daryl you would of been proud of DEB )  experience for sure…

5. Made it to the house……Deb 3 hrs sleep, me 5
6. Seen all the individuals we care about……AMAZING…..
They love our families….they love us….they LOVE JESUS CHRIST !
” how is MEE MEE ”  ” How are Gabe and Tugs’ ”
7.  All the gifts everyone gave to give to their family…… if only…if only
you could see their eyes……Lori,  it touched their hearts….
8.  In Columbus  –  500.00 to bring 2 suitcases for children…..
we chose not to..called Marla…the girls and her came and picked up
2 suitcases filled with t toys….will give to refugees from Samalia that
their church is tutoring…it is HIS KINGDOM.
9. Slept….talked……reconneccted with Benson, Dorcas, Gloria and Rock
10.  Stepped INSIDE the HOSPITAL….
STEPPED INSIDE THE HOSPITAL…. to be honest I wept…..
at the burden to complete…Benson reassured in a very deep way…
It is GOD who will complete… was there only one prophet ?
11.  Stepped INSIDE the 40 student building,  STONE BUILDING,

12.  Met the “worship dance team”….it is in their culture, Deb asked why now ?
” out their they dance to the world and satan, we want to show them you
should dance unto the LORD”……amazing young adults…
13.   Now we have spent the day, praying together, in God, revelations of things
to come…..and we anticipate our first souls saved = TOMORROW !


oh yes, we bought a “sitting toilet ”  Debs broken foot….
Carol it is in FAITH – you will come !
Debs foot – challenging for her…she is trooper…God is with HER !





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So thrilled to read your blog. Glad about the toliet. LOL! Praying every day. God is so, so Faithful!

This is great news. Praying for God’s continued blessing on you, Deb and your ministry. Love you! 🙂

My prayer is that today your words will be a blessing.
Proverbs 25:11 “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances?

So glad to hear you guys got there safely and have spent time with the family in Africa! 🙂 I have been praying for you guys non stop and cant wait to hear more about all the amazing things God does. I love you all and miss you!

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