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” James 1 : 19
” My dear brothers, take note of this:
for mans anger does not bring about the righteous life
that God desires.
22.  do not merely LISTEN to the WORD, and so deceive
yourselves, DO what it says.”

I love when God is the ultimate Counselor…..
1.  What do you want out of life ?
2.  Are you listening to what I / God am saying ?
3.  Are you “deceiving” yourself ?

NOT OTHERS…..being deceived…..
But OURSELVES…..being deceived.

If you are deceived….you can not see it in yourself !
Others see it clearly, but we….not so much !

That amazed me this morning how GOD sees so clearly
THROUGH…..the individuals HE created.

Oh, you went to church yesterday….to listen or to do ?
Oh, you want to live a righteous life….
that is why you read all those self help books…
that is why you study my Word…..
that is why you ___________________

Pointers to us, to not deceive ourselves of who we
really are with JESUS CHRIST, our relationship to HIM.

a.  are we quick to listen ~ to who ?
Him, every single individual in front of us…
Each Child, Each Spouse, those God gave us.
b. are we slow to speak ?  ~  even in our heads while others are talking?
before their second word, are we answering in
in our minds or blurting our opinion out ?
c. slow to become angry ?   NOT ANGRY….but even to
” BECOME ANGRY”  the beginning process.

The one it says ( vs. 23 ) who listens but does not do….
Is like someone going to the mirror….50 lbs over weight and
forgetting what he sees……proceeds to go get out a donut.

No conviction = No action to rectify…..
No conviction = No action to rectify…..

The one who takes heed (vs25)
if we don’t….( vs. 26 )  our religion is worthless

We put alot into our lives with JESUS CHRIST….
Do we truly want it all to be worthless ?

Today who does GOD HIMSELF…..
Want you to listen to ?
Want you to be slow to speak ?
Want you to be slow to become angry ?

** concept taught ~  Jesus made sure the children
KNEW THIS…..because they so would run to Him,
sit on HIS LAP……” let the little children come unto ME ”
Children do not run to those that do not think they are
Mates do not run to those……who do not think they are
This concept =
“others are more important than our own feelings”


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