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Joshua 7:13
” ….o Israel, you cannot stand against your enemies until you remove it.”

The reason it said that Israel .
AFTER…GOD bringing them across the JORDAN

* ever have God do mighty things for you ?
then there is a stand still….
then there is a …..

Remembering HE is a God of mercy and grace….

After God brought them crossed the JORDAN…
they were struck down….

vs. 11 –
Israel had sinned..
1. violated My covenant
2. God had spoken to them, what to do
and they violated it.

* God ever tell us what to do and we ignore it ?

3. taken some of the DEVOTED THINGS….

* what is GOD HIMSELF Devoted to….and
we still it from Him ?

4. They have lied…..we can LIE in many many
ways, say we are this and do the other…

5. they have put them with their own possessions.

* being children of God we “bring in sin” into our
own life with the LORD, mix it in…our sin looks
like our own things, character, possessions ?

vs. 12 ” That is why the ISRAELITES can not stand
against their enemies…..

get this :


God never wants our lives to be liable to
Destruction….HE even takes us across the
JORDAN’s of our lives….HE empowers, makes a
way to set us up….. for HIS KINGDOM…

vs. 13 ” you can not stand against your enemies

1. what has God told me to do today ?
2. Did I hear it
3. Did I obey it
4. Have I taken sin into my own life….
put it “in with” my own things…
5. do I think I can HIDE ANYTHING from the LORD
6. Will I have the deepest humility to remove it

Then He said, come :
Clan by Clan
Family by Family
Man by Man

19. Then Joshua said to Achan, ” My son,
give glory to the LORD, the God of Israel, and
give HIM the praise. Tell me what you have
done; do not hide it from me.”

So glad God is a God of mercy and grace…
mercy – not giving me what I deserve
grace – giving me what I don’t deserve

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