…..” In the Manger “


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Matt. 9

In His own town…..( how do your familiars view who you are ? )
men brought JESUS CHRIST to a paralytic, lying on a mat.

2.  When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic ,
” Take heart, son: your sins have been forgiven”

3. ” This fellow is blaspheming!”     ( fellow , seriously )
4.  Knowing……already KNOWING…their thoughts, Jesus said,
” Why do you entertain such EVIL thoughts in your heart, Jesus said,
5.  ” Which is easier:  to say, ” your sins are forgiven, or to say,
”  Get up and walk? ”
6. But so that you may know the SON OF MAN has authority on earth
to forgive sins… ” then He said to the paralytic, “Get up, take your mat
and go home. ”

THEN….they were filled with AWE ….

Who came in the manger ?
What authority did He come with ?
What authority do we give Him now ?

Do we question His ability to SAVE ?
Do we question HIS authority over ever situation that
” paralyzes us ? ”

vs. 8. ” ……and they praised God, who had given such
authority to men. ”

It is Who came
It is Why He came……………………do we live in what HE has given us ?

Authority………anything less, is it truly PRAISE with our lives ?
or just  PRAISE with our lips ?

He truly knows what is in our hearts…..
and we I would say,
” blaspheme” Him by living in anything less…..seriously.

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