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I am loving the book of 1 Samuel….
with a desire to never EVER have my life
to end as Saul’s.

1 Samuel 17
Reminds me of two things :

David showed his father honor…in his daily life.
Not in front of people, for others to see…
He heard his own father, did what he asked…
and that was a part of his creed.

Creed – ” a belief you live your life from ”

vs. 14. ” David was the youngest. The three
oldest followed Saul, 15. but David went back
and forth from Saul to tend his father’s sheep
in Bethlehem.”
It was where David was called to be at that time.
It was David just doing life
tending his father’s sheep…in a place where no
one seen all that David was doing…
in a place where he was only taking care of others…
in a place of taking care of other’s possessions..

But there was a deep creed in David to do “just this”.

vs. 17. Now Jesse said to his son David, ” Take this ephah
of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your
brothers and hurry to his camp. 18. Take along these
ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. See how
your brothers are and bring back some assurance from them,…”

* do we like it when others give us list to do…
tell us where to go…
who to go to
and how to do it
and what to bring back….and it is our parents ?

It is not a weakness to honor your father.
It says something for David…no where did you hear a
rising up of pride in David…. His Dad told him
from the midst of “tending sheep…to do this and that…
take this and that and bring back …the list…of
what to do…
How old was David ?

I believe that God sees our heart in how we handle
every situation of authority, family…of what God
asks us to do…..
a. tending sheep
b. taking food
c. and bring me back a report of how THEY are

That would be like weeding..and then your Dad
coming up to you and telling you to ….

No where was there a payoff for doing
No where was there a “how do you feel about..”
No where was there a head tilt from David….

David was someone with the heart after God….
God seen his heart after his own father….
God seen his heart after his Heavenly Father

vs. 22. David left his things with the keeper of
supplies, and ran to the battle lines and greeted
his brothers.

** he was excited in the relationships…

vs. 23. AS he was talking with them……

The obedience to his father, the servants heart, the
doing life as normal….GOD is placing David for
an extreme empowering by GOD…..something amazing..
the experience of all HE was in David…

23. As he was talking with them, Goliath,
the Philistine champion from Gath, stepped out
from his lines and SHOUTED his USUAL defiance…

**( here is the greatness: )

vs. 23 ” ….and DAVID HEARD IT.”


*if David would not have honored his father…
been in that place with his Dad…tending his sheep
the experience shepherding ( bear / lion )
he would not have been PREPARED.
*if David would not have went to his brothers
obediently ….and enjoyed them –
vs. 22 “he ran.”
so there wasn’t a “grudge – defiant attitude of
doing what his father had asked him to do ”
he RAN and GREETED his brothers….

If he wouldn’t of RAN…he might of missed
the SHOUT of Goliath…not heard it !

* we know the rest of the testimony…

David tried to be someone he wasn’t with
the whole ARMOR thing…
David had to go back to what worked before
with God and himself…the 5 stones…
and by remaining in ” who he was ”
and honoring his dad
loving his brothers…
having a great attitude in doing it…
David was placed in front of people to do
something WAY BEYOND a bear and a lion….

*Did anyone know about David’s lion and bears
until that moment …
or was that between God and David ?
David had that under his belt, between him and God…

Run in what God is calling us to do…
Love who God has placed over us and obey
Absorb the prep…of our lion and bears

Walk in our everyday lives….
In HIS love and power….
and HE will let us hear our Goliath’s SHOUT !

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